Auditions for:

a psychological thriller by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Rhonda Clark

When: 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. Saturday, December 8 – Readings from the script.
Plan to arrive no later than 4:30 p.m.;
5:30 pm Sunday, December 9 - Callbacks.

Where: At the theatre, located at 800 W. Main. Parking is free on the street, at Dagwell Dixie next door, and in nearby parking lots.

What: Please bring a recent photo and résumé.

Hard copy perusal scripts are available for a $10 refundable deposit. Please call CST at 405-232-6500 or email to make arrangements to check out a script. Call or contact Melinda before dropping by to make sure a script is available and someone is in the office to check it out to you.
Office Hours: Closed Mondays. Open Tuesdays through Fridays 1-6:00 pm.

Performance dates: February 15-March 9, 2019 (Feb 15-16, 21-23, Feb 28-Mar 3, Mar 7-9 with brush-up rehearsal on Feb 21. THIS SHOW IS PART OF CST’S EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH FOR AT-RISK HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. In addition to the regular run, CST will host 1-2 matinees for students at 10:00 a.m. February 22 and/or March 8.

Rehearsals begin: Approximately January 7. Most rehearsals are scheduled Mon-Fri at 7 p.m. with Saturday or Sunday rehearsals scheduled only if needed to accommodate week-night conflicts. 1st tech is the afternoon/early evening of Sunday, February 10.

CAST OVERVIEW: 4-5 Men (mid-20s-60), 2-3 Women (20s-40s). One man plays only Dr. Jekyll and one woman plays only Elizabeth. The other four actors play multiple characters, and all four actors play Mr. Hyde at some point, including a woman. All actors/characters will speak with a Standard British or Cockney dialect.

ACTOR 1 - DR. HENRY JEKYLL (30-50) A respected London doctor who believes he has found the cure for man’s evil – a magic formula if you will. He is relatively mild-mannered, but not afraid to challenge authority.

ACTOR 2 – EDWARD HYDE, GABRIEL UTTERSON, DR. H.K. LANYON (30-50) Hyde is the embodiment of evil and the result of Jekyll’s “magic formula.” Utterson is a loyal friend of Jekyll and Lanyon is a solicitor (lawyer) who sets out to discover who the mysterious Edward Hyde is.

ACTOR 3 – EDWARD HYDE, SIR DANVERS CAREW, RICHARD ENFIELD, O.F. SANDERSON, INSPECTOR (40-60) See Hyde description above; Carew is an egotistical, abusive, misogynistic doctor who exploits science for his own personal gain; Enfield is a relative of Utterson who sees Hyde run over a street urchin and insists Hyde compensate the girl for damages; Sanderson is a private detective hired by Jekyll to follow Hyde; Inspector is a police inspector who investigates the murder of Carew.

ACTOR 4 – EDWARD HYDE, DR. H.K. LANYON, POLICE DOCTOR, SURGICAL STUDENT (20s-30s) See Hyde description above; Lanyon is a friend and colleague of Jekyll; others are self-explanatory.

ACTOR 5 – EDWARD HYDE, POOLE, POLICE DOCTOR, SURGICAL STUDENT, YOUNG GIRL, PROSTITUTE, MAID (20s-30s) – See Hyde description above; Poole is Jekyll’s loyal butler who begins to worry something is amiss with Hyde; the prostitute is the “wrong one” who Hyde disfigures in Act 1, Scene 14; others are self-explanatory.

ELIZABETH JELKES (20s-40s) A chamber maid at the railway hotel at Charing Cross.

ORDERLIES (20-30) The director is interested in casting a man and a woman as orderlies who would also assist with crew assignments. There are other roles that may be assigned such as a hotel porter, drunkard, old woman, etc.

Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher from the novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, this fast-moving thriller is a new and shocking version of Stevenson's classic tale. On the fog-bound streets of Victorian-era London, Henry Jekyll's experiments with exotic "powders and tinctures" have brought forth his other self—Edward Hyde, a villain free to commit the sins Jekyll is too civilized to comprehend. When Hyde meets a woman who stirs his interest, Jekyll fears for her life and decides to end his experiments. But Hyde has other ideas, and so the two sides battle each other in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. In a unique twist, Hyde is portrayed by four different members of the cast.

"...Jeffrey Hatcher's sharp, at moments brutally funny, speed-of-light stage adaptation of Stevenson's 1886 novel... " - Chicago Sun Times. "A smart, tense and suspenseful new take on Stevenson's [story]…Hatcher has fashioned a play that seems truer to Stevenson but hipper, sexier and more intense…" —San Francisco Chronicle.

"This is not your grandfather's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...Hatcher has written a play that honors the original, but gives a more complex interpretation of the dual nature of man. A dark and disturbing story liberally peppered with humor." —Arizona Daily Star.

"Sex, drugs, violence. What's not to like? …[A] psychological thriller that makes an old-hat horror story scary again even through the well-timed laugh lines. It would be a sin to miss it." —Arizona Republic.


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