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Announces Auditions

A Mystery/Thriller by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Tom Cowley

When: 2:30 - 5:30 pm Sunday, September 8, 2019 – Readings from the script. Plan to arrive no later than 4:30 p.m.; If needed, callbacks will be at 6:30 pm Monday, September 9.

Where: At the theatre, located at 800 W. Main. Parking is free on the street, at Dagwell Dixie next door, and in the parking lot on the west side of the SMC building at 815 W. Main (between SMC and the new apartments under construction).

What: Bring a recent photo and résumé.

Hard copy perusal scripts will be available for a $10 refundable deposit. Please call CST at 405-232-6500 or email to make arrangements to check out a script. Call or contact us in the office before dropping by to make sure a script is available and someone is in the office to check it out to you.
Office Hours: Closed Mondays. Open Tuesdays through Fridays 1-6:00 pm.

Performance dates: October 18-19, 25-26, 31, November 1-3, 7-9 with brush-up rehearsal on October 24.

Rehearsals begin: Very soon after auditions. Most rehearsals are scheduled Mon-Fri at 7 p.m. with Saturday or Sunday rehearsals scheduled only if needed to accommodate week-night conflicts. 1st tech is the afternoon/early evening of Sunday, October 13.

CAST OVERVIEW: 6 Men, 1 Woman (ages are flexible from 20s-60s). All characters will speak with a Standard British or Scottish dialect. The characters marked with an asterisk will not be listed in the program in order to help keep the audience guessing. There will be some stage combat and gun play involved.

JOHN WATSON - A doctor and writer who was Holmes’ friend and associate, even serving in the military with him in their younger days. He is charged with the task of investigating whether Holmes is still alive, and determining if any of the three men claiming to be Holmes are indeed Holmes. Besides his scenes, his journal entries and narration are a framework for the play.

DR. EVANS – Evans summons Watson to a remote “asylum” of the coast of Scotland where three men claiming to be Holmes are held.

ORDERLY (Moriarty*/Inspector*) - The orderly works at the “asylum” for Dr. Evans, and serves as a strong arm nurse/assistant at times. This actor is also the two characters listed in parentheses – Holmes’ nemesis and a police detective.

MATRON/THE WOMAN* - The matron is a head nurse at the “asylum.” The Woman is a patient at the asylum who was discovered on the moors. She claims to be a victim of an attempted murder during a masque ball.

HOLMES 1/THE CLIENT* - The first man claiming to be Mr. Holmes; The Client is a character who seemed to be in cahoots with The Woman to steal a document during a masque ball, and then tries to murder her after he receives the document.

HOLMES 2 – The second patient who is questioned by Watson and exhibits a lot of emotion by the end of the interrogation.

HOLMES 3/SIGNOR FONSECA* – The third patient who may be Sherlock Holmes. He appears almost catatonic - not able to see, hear, or speak – until he is hypnotized by Watson. Signor Fonseca is a character who hosts a masque ball, and is knocked unconscious by The Woman while he is opening his safe.

Sherlock Holmes is dead. Or so it is assumed. The world knows the great detective went over the falls at Reichenbach with his nemesis Professor Moriarty two years and eight months ago. But as Holmes’ body was never retrieved, a number of frauds, fakes, and charlatans have come forward to lay claim to his identity, and it falls to Dr. Watson to disprove them. Then a telegram arrives informing Watson that three men, each claiming to be Holmes, have been committed to a remote asylum off the coast of Scotland. Now Watson must discover if one of the mad men is the real Sherlock Holmes.

“…the most elaborate and riveting game of What’s My Line ever…The Jeffrey Hatcher play…is tight and clever and full of suspense—and has enough red herrings to feed a family of 40.” —Arizona Daily Star.

“[HOLMES AND WATSON] is a truly smashing play full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat…Hatcher has crafted an intelligent mystery thriller…” — “Wildly enthralling and masterfully penned…Hatcher well knows his way around riddles and is a crafty manipulator of appearances…An amazing must-see cliffhanger.” —


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