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by Dominique Morisseau

A Drama directed by Albert Bostick

When: 2:00 - 4:30 pm Saturday, April 10, 2021 – Readings from the script. Plan to arrive no later than 3:30 pm. If needed, callbacks will be at 4:00 pm Sunday, April 11.

Where: At the theatre, located at 800 W. Main. Parking is free on the street, at Dagwell Dixie next door (ignore the “No Parking” signs), and in the parking lot on the west side of the SMC building at 815 W. Main (between SMC and the West Village apartment building).

What: WEAR A MASK, and bring a recent photo and résumé. You will not be admitted without a mask, and temps will be taken before entering the theatre. We will practice social distancing inside the theatre.

Hard copy perusal scripts are available to check out for a $10 refundable deposit. Please call CST at 405-232-6500 or email to make arrangements to check out a script. Call or contact us in the office before dropping by to make sure a script is available and someone is in the office to check it out to you.
Office Hours: Closed Mondays. Open Tuesdays through Fridays 1-6:00 pm.

Performance dates: May 21-June 12, 2021
May 21-22, 28-29, June 3-6, and 10-12 with brush-up rehearsal on May 27. Most rehearsals are scheduled Mon-Fri at 7 p.m. with Saturday or Sunday rehearsals scheduled only if needed to accommodate week-night conflicts. 1st tech is the afternoon/early evening of Sunday, May 16, 2021.

CAST OVERVIEW: 2 Men, 2 Women; all are African-American.

FAYE – 50s. A working class woman. Tough with a lifetime of dirt beneath her nails. Somewhere, deep compassion.

DEZ – mid–late 20s. Working-class young man. Young hustler, playful, street-savvy, and flirtatious. Somewhere, deeply sensitive.

SHANITA – mid–late 20s. Working-class young woman. Pretty but not ruled by it. Hard-working. By-the-books person. Believes in the work she does. Also, pregnant. Somewhere, a beautiful dreamer.

REGGGIE – 30s-40s. White-collar guy. Studious, dedicated, and compassionate. The Foreman at the factory where the others are employed. Somewhere, a fire brims.

This is one of the finest scripts our play selection committee read last year - so naturalistic and compelling with wonderful roles for actors of color.

At the start of the Great Recession circa 2008, one of the last auto stamping plants in Detroit is on shaky ground. Each of the workers has to make choices on how to move forward if their plant goes under. Shanita has to decide how she'll support herself and her unborn child, Faye has to decide how and where she'll live, and Dez has to figure out how to make his ambitious dreams a reality. Power dynamics shift as their manager Reggie is torn between doing right by his work family, and by the red tape in his office. Powerful and tense, Skeleton Crew is the third of Dominique Morisseau's Detroit cycle trilogy.

“Dominique Morisseau's trenchant look at working-class woes…is as poetic as it is political. Timely and political without being preachy, [it] is smart, elegantly executed and, best of all, brimming with emotion. – The Hollywood Reporter.

“Clifford Odets’s dramas…come to mind. So inevitably does the great Pittsburgh cycle of August Wilson, which Ms. Morisseau cites as an abiding influence. But Skeleton Crew is also squarely in the tradition of Arthur Miller’s probing studies of consciences under siege and the crippling concessions made in the name of success. It is, in other words, a deeply moral and deeply American play, with a loving compassion for those trapped in a system that makes sins, spiritual or societal, and self-betrayal almost inevitable.” – The New York Times.


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