Auditions for:

a comedy by Gretchen Cryer, Lynne Halliday, Isaac Himmelman,
James Hindman, Arlene Hutton, and Craig Pospisil

Directed by Rhonda Clark

When: 3:00-6:00 p.m. Sunday, July 22, 2018 - Readings from the script. Plan to arrive no later than 4:30 p.m.;
6:30 p.m. Monday, July 23 – Callbacks.

Where: At the theatre, located at 806 W. Main. Parking is free on the street, at Dagwell Dixie next door, and in nearby parking lots.

What: Please bring a recent photo and résumé.

Hard copy perusal scripts will be available for a $10 refundable deposit. Please call CST at 405-232-6500 or email to make arrangements to check out a script. Call or contact Melinda before dropping by to make sure a script is available and someone is in the office to check it out to you.
Office Hours: Closed Mondays. Open Tuesdays through Fridays 1-6:00 pm.

Performance dates: September 7-29, 2018 (Sep 7-8, 14-15, 20-23, and 27-29 with brush-up rehearsal on Sep 13)

Rehearsals begin: Approximately July 30. Most rehearsals are scheduled Mon-Fri at 7 p.m. with Saturday or Sunday rehearsals scheduled only if needed to accommodate week-night conflicts. 1st tech is the afternoon of Sunday, September 2.

CAST: 3 Men aged 30s-40, 4 Women (1 aged 60s-80, one aged 50s, and two aged 30s) Five actors play multiple roles.

VIRGINIA (60s-70s) The owner of The Gorges Motel.

ROBERT/GREG (30s) Robert is a hometown young man who is estranged from his family. Greg is the high school sweetheart of the bride, Jennifer, a photographer, and amateur drone pilot.

DANI/ANGIE/LAURA/JENNIFER (early 30s) Dani is in town for a wedding, but recently slept with the groom. Angie is an Italian-American Long Island chick. Laura is Robert’s estranged sister, and Jennifer is the bride, bloodied from a drone hitting her husband-to-be during the ceremony.

LIAM/WAYNE/TREVOR (early 30s) Liam is Dani’s husband. Wayne is an officiant at the wedding, a rapper, and in lust with Debbie. Trevor is the Best Man at Jennifer’s wedding.

WENDY/DEBBIE/WILLOW/KAYLA (late 20s-early 30s) Dani’s younger sister, a bartender, who unknowingly slept with the groom at the wedding she is attending. Debbie is a prim, reserved young lady who Wayne has the hots for. Willow is a wine producer, a widow and the estranged daughter-in-law of Virginia, the owner of the motel. Kayla is the maid of honor at Jennifer’s wedding.

LOLA/PENELOPE (50s) Lola is a chic Italian-American matron who believes the spirit of her deceased husband is visiting her at night. Penelope is a writer who has been in a relationship for 20 years, but the relationship recently “exploded.” She’s desperate for passion in her life.

TERRY (late 30s) A handyman at the hotel, and a devoted single father to his 5-year-old son. Fairly laid back pot smoker who is thinking about moving back to Breckenridge, Colorado soon. He is described as having tattoos, a ponytail, and an earring.

“THE GORGES MOTEL [is] a tantalizing, comic daisy chain of [7] short plays by six playwrights.” —The New York Times.

Lives intersect in comic and dramatic fashion in a motel that has seen better days in Watkins Glen, New York near “the towers of rock.” Break-ups and a wedding, a rapping reverend and a drone attack, the ridiculous and the sublime all come together in one unlikely place.

"MISSING by James Hindman is in three parts…[The first] focuses on Virginia the proprietor of the motel and one of the guests, Robert. Virginia assumes Robert is in town to visit the 400-foot-deep gorge in Watkins Glen State Park. But Robert, a hometown boy, is actually returning to climb out of a deeper, albeit metaphorical hole, one left by his estrangement from his family. The second is his meeting with his sister, the most affecting scene in the play. Lynne Halliday expands on Virginia’s story in SECOND CHANCE, in which she too is estranged from her family…The funniest piece is KISSING COUSINS by Craig Pospisil, in which two sisters discover that they both slept with the groom—one 15 years ago, one last week…The most extensive and surreal piece, by Arlene Hutton, starts with the bride sitting in shock, her wedding dress covered in blood." —New York Theater.

Standing out are Craig Pospisil’s KISSING COUSINS and Gretchen Cryer's BRECKENRIDGE…Ms. Cryer's script…is rich in tropes and authentic characterization." —Off Off Broadway Review.

"Arlene Hutton’s HERE COMES THE DRONE ties the anthology’s strands together and tops them with a great sight-gag bow…" —Time Out New York.

WHAT LOLA SAW embodies “the ridiculous and the sublime” mentioned previously, as Lola finds meaning in her visitations from her deceased husband


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