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September 7-29, 2018 
comedies & a drama by Gretchen Cryer, Lynne Halliday, Isaac Himmelman, James Hindman, Arlene Hutton, and Craig Pospisil
"THE GORGES MOTEL [is] a tantalizing, comic daisy chain of [7] short plays by six playwrights." —The New York Times.

Lives intersect in comic and dramatic fashion in a motel that has seen better days in Watkins Glen, New York near "the towers of rock." Break-ups and a wedding, a rapping reverend and a drone attack, the ridiculous and the sublime all come together in one unlikely place.

"The funniest piece is KISSING COUSINS by Craig Pospisil, in which two sisters discover that they both slept with the groom—one 15 years ago, one last week…The most extensive and surreal piece, by Arlene Hutton, starts with the bride sitting in shock, her wedding dress covered in blood." —New York Theater.

"Standing out are Craig Pospisil’s KISSING COUSINS and Gretchen Cryer’s BRECKENRIDGE…Ms. Cryer’s script…is rich in tropes and authentic characterization." —Off Off Broadway Review.

"Arlene Hutton’s HERE COMES THE DRONE ties the anthology’s strands together and tops them with a great sight-gag bow…" —Time Out New York.

WHAT LOLA SAW embodies "the ridiculous and the sublime" mentioned previously, as Lola finds meaning in her visitations from her deceased husband.


October 19-November 3, 2018
a comedy by Allison Moore

The hilarious hit of 2009's Humana Festival of New American Plays at the Actors Theater of Louisville.

When she's cast as the "last girl" in a low-budget slasher flick, Sheena thinks it's the big break she's been waiting for. But news of the movie unleashes her malingering mother's thwarted feminist rage, and Mom is prepared to do anything to stop filming...even if it kills her.

"...Slasher elicits laughs by intentionally indulging in everything that makes horror films atrociously unentertaining." - Broad Street Review.


November 23-December 15, 2018 
a comedy by Michael Hollinger

No menu necessary at the world's greatest restaurant, the Café du Grand Boeuf in Paris. Why? "Because we have everything," headwaiter Claude admonishes waiter-in-training Antoine. On this night in 1961, the staff awaits the imminent arrival of Victor, the Café's owner and sole patron. But when "Monsieur" returns disheveled and morose, his wish is simple: to die of starvation at his own table. The frantic staff tries to change his mind, but to no avail. Finally, they make a last-ditch plea: Out of respect for their life's work, will he let them prepare one final meal—provided they leave it in the kitchen? Instead they will describe it, course by course, over a series of empty platters, and the "feast of adjectives and adverbs" begins.

A "comic tragedy in seven courses" and "…operatic looniness…" —NY Times. "…[a] treat on the Off-Broadway menu…" —NY Daily News. "…a menu filled with food for thought as well as laughter." —CurtainUp.


January 11-26, 2019
a romantic comedy by Mark St. Germain

The play centers on Ever, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, who seeks the instruction of a Broadway dancer to learn enough dancing to survive an awards dinner. The dancer, Senga, however, is recovering from an injury that may stop her dancing career permanently. As their relationship unfolds, they’re both caught off-guard by the discoveries—both hilarious and heartwarming—that they make about each other and about themselves.

"You don’t want it to end…" —The Boston Globe. "Laughs abound in this play and so do those plucked heartstrings…a perfect evening of theatre." — "...goes beyond the conventions of a romantic comedy to an enthralling evening…totally absorbing…brilliantly conceived… " —


February 15-March 9, 2019
comedy-drama adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, from the novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Our Educational Outreach production for at-risk high school students.

A new and shocking version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale. On the fog-bound streets of Victorian-era London, Henry Jekyll's experiments with exotic "powders and tinctures" have brought forth his other self—Edward Hyde, a villain free to commit the sins Jekyll is too civilized to comprehend. When Hyde meets a woman who stirs his interest, Jekyll fears for her life and decides to end his experiments. But Hyde has other ideas, and so the two sides battle each other in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. In a unique twist, Hyde is portrayed by different members of the cast.

"A smart, tense and suspenseful new take on Stevenson's [story]…Hatcher has fashioned a play that seems truer to Stevenson but hipper, sexier and more intense…" —San Francisco Chronicle.

"This is not your grandfather's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...Hatcher has written a play that honors the original, but gives a more complex interpretation of the dual nature of man. A dark and disturbing story liberally peppered with humor." —Arizona Daily Star.

"Sex, drugs, violence. What's not to like?…[A] psychological thriller that makes an old-hat horror story scary again even through the well-timed laugh lines. While paying homage to Stevenson, this remixed version makes his Victorian concerns relevant in the 21st century. It would be a sin to miss it." —Arizona Republic.


March 29-April 20, 2019 
a drama by Lucas Hnath

It's December 2010. Infirm Maxine thinks her daughter is paying Nurse Tina to gently nudge her into the grave before the New Year. Maxine thinks Tina's doing this so her daughter doesn't have to pay hefty estate taxes that take effect on January 1. Nurse Tina adamantly denies Maxine's accusations, but when Maxine offers Tina a portion of her sizable estate on the condition that she lives until the 1st, Tina changes her tune. But of course, the plan doesn't go according to plan.

"Sobering, shattering…Hnath's incisive script examines the moral questions raised when the issues are muddy." —BackStage.

"Hnath's compelling drama examines American ideas about death, dying and money." —Louisville Courier-Journal.

May 17-June 1, 2019
a drama by Bruce Graham

Week after week, a wealthy white businessman rides the same bus, befriending a single black mom. But why is this white guy with a Mercedes in the garage riding the bus now? As they get to know one another, their pasts unfold and tensions rise, igniting a disturbing and crucial exploration of race.

"WHITE GUY ON THE BUS [is] a first-rate, new play by Bruce Graham, that has more than a stunning surprise or two." —

"…entertaining and thoughtful…"—NY Times.

"a play with guts…this unusually frank drama has been gnawing away at me these last 24 hours…I see so many plays that want to blurt out some of the things that these characters say but don’t have the nerve. This one goes for the jugular." —Chicago Tribune.

"…the play is not an issue-driven debate; instead, this is a powerful story about characters struggling with titanic decisions and negotiating desperately to save themselves. As in his other plays, Graham...articulates important themes and ideas entertainingly and without preachiness." —


June 28-July 20, 2019 
a comedy by Joe DiPietro, author of Memphis, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, Over the River and Through the Woods, and The Last Romance

A mother always knows when something is wrong. When Alice notices her beloved husband, Bill, has returned home on edge after a tennis match with their son, she grows suspicious and springs into action. Determined to piece together the puzzle, she invites her son, Billy, and daughter-in-law, Jane, over for drinks and dessert. Sidesplitting chaos ensues as Alice digs for the truth, resulting in even more honesty than anyone expected. Shattering and hilarious, CLEVER LITTLE LIES is a story of long-term love and marriage…for better…and for worse.

"DiPietro—a jack of all theatrical genres who has Tony Awards for the book and lyrics for Memphis and who wrote the long-running comedy I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change—is a craftsman, and CLEVER LITTLE LIES is nothing if not well-crafted." —Deadline.

"…offer[s] a blend of comedy and sentiment, with maybe just a hint of a sting." —The New York Times.

"DiPietro is ... at his best when keeping us in the dark about whether the tale being told is real or one big ballsy lie…the fun is who knows what first, the audience or the people onstage." —The Wrap.


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