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Adrian Thompson, Mary Freeh, and Matt Simpson
Sergin' General Mary Free with two of the Backstitch Boys


"Sanctuary" - Don Lusk, Matt Simpson, Adrian Thompson, Joni Trombley, and Mary Freeh


Matt Simpson and Don Lusk Adrian Thompson
Matt Simpson, Don Lusk, and Adrian Thompson at work.


Phil Carlton
Phil Carlton working on tinsel Floor Show boas.
(these were replaced when tests revealed
that they weren't sturdy enough.)

Many thanks to Sergin' General Mary Freeh
and the Backstitch Boys
Mary Freeh, Matt Simpson, Adrian Thompson, Don Lusk, Phil Carlton,
Joni Trombley, Laura Trombley, Rhonda Smith, Robert Erwin,
Ellen Webster, Elyse Angelo, Lysandra Dial-Meek, Cathy Withasee,
Greg Potts, along with many others who provided moral support (as well as Michael Greene who provided a never-ending supply of chocolate.)

Original design sketches - 2000 Matt Simpson. Used by permission.
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