Arts Festival '99

Carpenter Square Theatre teamed up with the Petroleum Club to offer Arts Festival patrons a delicious variety of chicken pocket sandwiches.

cst-arts99_01.jpg (8403 bytes)

cst-arts99_02.jpg (6799 bytes)
Adrian Thompson and Charlie Monnot on
fork and napkin duty.

cst-arts99_04.jpg (4983 bytes)    cst-arts99_03.jpg (4893 bytes)
Kym Koch and Charlie Monnot


cst-arts99_05.jpg (6830 bytes)
Phil Carlton, Kym Koch, and Robert Erwin trying
to remember the ingredients for each sandwich.


cst-arts99_06.jpg (7780 bytes)
Robert Erwin explains the sandwich
options to a festival-goer.


cst-arts99_07.jpg (4731 bytes)
Robert Erwin and Scott Meek

Many thanks to all of the CST volunteers who worked during the Arts Festival this year.



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