Arts Festival 2000

Carpenter Square Theatre teamed up with Harry Bear's Restaurant to offer Arts Festival patrons a delicious variety of sandwiches and truly tasty desserts.

Jackhammer sandwich Southside Philly Peachy Keen
Jackhammer sandwich, Southside Philly, and Peachy Keen


Mary Lou Cozzins, Bob Bates, Lyn Bates and Rhonda Clark


Suzanne Charney and Don Lusk


Vince Kniffin and Jon Womastek

Many thanks to all of the CST volunteers who worked during the Arts Festival this year:

Richie Rayfield, Linda Clark, Carolyn Schaefer, Rhonda Clark, Danyel Arnold, Scott Meek, Mike & Leah Casey, Jon Womastek, Mary Freeh, Rob May, Charlie Monnot, Suzanne Charney, Chris Coleman & Family, Phil Carlton, Don Lusk, Stephanie Telleen, Jennifer Busche, Rita Edge, Richard Ingham, Mary Rose Martin, Renee Preftakes, PRECOR Employees, Vince Kniffin, Mark Ruffin & Family, Virginia Morozuk, Doobie Potter, Pauline Pratt, Joe Freeman, Cecil Peaden, Bob & Lyn Bates, Mary Lou Cozzens, Karl Semtner, Lana Henson, Linda Romanelli, Stevie Farrand, Terry Veal, Vikki Simer, Michael Harmon, and Emily Etherton.

NOTE: If you are in one of these photos and your name isn't listed, let us know so we can add it.



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