18th Season
Carpenter Square Theatre is proud to announce the 2001-2002 season of shows! Join us in celebrating 18 years of quality alternative theatre in Oklahoma City.

Neil Simon's London SuiteLondon Suite
by Neil Simon
August 24 - September 15, 2001

America's premier comic playwright crosses the Atlantic for a suite of hilarious comedies set in a deluxe London Hotel - a sedate place until these characters check in! The New York Times says, "Makes laughter easy! Like his earlier hits PLAZA SUITE and CALIFORNIA SUITE, LONDON SUITE offers the fun of seeing the same small company of actors doubling and tripling different roles. . . .Gently funny one minute, mortally melancholy or outright farcical the next." - New York Times


The Memory of WaterThe Memory of Water
by Shelagh Stephenson
October 5-27, 2001

This comedy looks into the lives of three sisters who are reunited for their mother's funeral. The newly bereaved sisters indulge in wild, witty bickering and tipsy dress-ups in their mother's old bedroom. Their quarrels over the funeral arrangements, their well-worn family roles, their unsatisfactory men and their mixed memories of a highly feminine working-class mother are hilarious. The play skillfully charts the joyous and painful territory of family relationships.


The Lion In Winter
by James Goldman
November 7 - 11, 2001

And you thought getting through the holidays with your family was challenging? The family feud in King Henry II of England's household is in full force during the Christmas season as Henry works to preserve his legacy. Henry wants to ensure his kingdom will stay united after his death, but each of his three sons want to rule, which almost guarantees revolution in the land. Henry favors the youngest son, while his wife favors the eldest. The middle son is playing both ends against the middle and hopes to emerge the victor. Henry even considers having another heir by his young mistress, but that would only add to the contenders for the throne! Full of comic repartee, Goldman makes history sparkle.The Lion In Winter - featuring guest star Maureen McGovern

Featuring special guest star Maureen McGovern.

(This play is CST's production in the STAGE CENTER PRESENTS series. For ticket information, visit STAGECENTER.COM or call 405-270-4801.)

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Das BarbecuDas Barbecu
Book and Lyrics by Jim Luigs, Music by Scott Warrender
November 23 - December 15, 2001

Das Barbecu is a sassy small-scale musical that packs a Texas-sized wallop. With five actors playing more than 30 characters at breakneck speed, Wagner’s famous Ring Cycle is retold as a witty Texas fable of love conquering greed. The wild musical comedy includes a shotgun double wedding, three generations from two feuding families, a magic gold ring that gives its ever-changing owner mastery of the universe, lariat tricks, a synchronized swimming routine and a song & dance tribute to the joys of guacamole. The music runs the gamut from Broadway to Texas swing to jazz to twangy country & western.

"Conjure up, if you will, your basic Texas hootennanny, complete with lassos, long-neck beers, fringed leather and steel guitars. Now, if you can, marry that image with Wagner’s Ring Cycle, in all its operatic, melodramatic intensity, complete with Valkyries, dwarfs, river maidens, catastrophic floods and rings of fire. These improbable, no impossible, bedfellows come deliriously together in Das Barbecu, a splendidly giddy musical." – Hollywood Reporter


by Margaret Edson
January 4-26, 2002

In her extraordinary first play, Margaret Edson has created a work that is as intellectually challenging as it is emotionally immediate. Vivian Bearing, Ph.D., a renowned professor of English who has spent years studying and teaching the brilliant and difficult metaphysical sonnets of John Donne, has been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Her approach to the study of Donne is aggressively probing and rational. But during the course of her illness - and her stint in an experimental chemotherapy program - Vivian comes to reassess her life and her work with a depth of feeling and humor that transform both her and the audience.


Fuddy MeersFuddy Meers
by David Lindsay-Abaire
February 15 - March 9, 2002

Claire suffers from a form of amnesia that completely erases her memory every night. Every morning when she wakes up, her husband and teenage son must inform Claire of the facts of her life. On this particular morning, Claire is unexpectedly abducted by a half-deaf, limping, lisping man who claims to be her brother trying to save her from her evil husband. A wacky, wild ride ensues when Claire and her abductor drive to the home of Claire's mother, who, post-stroke, speaks a distorted fun-house version of English (the play's title is her way of saying "funny mirrors"). Claire's husband and son follow in hot pursuit, and the sheer chaos that ensues involves Millet, an ex-convict with a puppet, and Heidi, a ferocious young woman who may or may not be a cop.


The Glass MenagerieThe Glass Menagerie
by Tennessee Williams
March 29 - April 20, 2002

One of the most famous plays of the modern theatre, THE GLASS MENAGERIE is a drama of great tenderness, charm and beauty. The play is narrated by Tom and conjured out of his memories of his home in a dingy St. Louis apartment. Amanda Wingfield, a faded remnant of Southern gentility, lives in poverty with her son Tom and her handicapped daughter Laura. Amanda strives to give meaning and direction to her life and the lives of her children, though her methods are ineffective and irritating. Driven to distraction by his mother's nagging, Tom seeks escape in alcohol and the illusions of the movies. Laura lives in her own illusions, spending hours with her collection of glass figurines.


Collected StoriesCollected Stories
by Donald Margulies
May 10 - June 1, 2002

Donald Margulies, winner of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Drama with his DINNER WITH FRIENDS, created this play in the mid-1990s, which follows a powerful student- teacher relationship for over six years. It's a modern "All About Eve" in the literary world. New York Magazine described it this way: "The conflict between the established artist and adulatory fan who becomes a protégé, disciple, colleague, and friend - and finally threatening rival - is one of those great topics [that] resurfaces in Donald Margulies' provocative play..."


THE BIBLE: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)THE BIBLE: The Complete Word Of God (abridged)
by Adam Long, Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor
June 21 - July 13, 2002

Does God have a sense of humor? These three writers prove that undoubtedly he has! As the three sinners cavort through the Old and New Testaments, not even the most somber, uptight churchgoer could take offense at this snappy, slick and utterly entertaining show. Full of shtick, wordplay, physical humor, sight gags, audience participation and old jokes (Did we mention water pistols?), the buffoonery is hard to resist. 

"In the beginning there was THE COMPLEAT WRKS OF WLLM SHKSPR (abridged). And it was good. And SHKSPR begat THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA (abridged). And that was good, too. And now AMERICA has begat (begotten?, begetted?…whatever) THE BIBLE: THE COMPLETE WORD OF GOD (abridged), and damned if it isn't the funniest of the lot." - The Washington CityPaper

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