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Carpenter Square Theatre is proud to announce the 2002-2003 season of shows! Join us in celebrating 19 years of quality alternative theatre in Oklahoma City.


Lost in YonkersLost in Yonkers
a comedy-drama by Neil Simon
September 6 - 28, 2002

1991 Pulitzer Prize for Drama & 1991 Tony Award for Best Play

Filled with infectious laughter and genuine tears, this play is the story of an eccentric New York family whose crimes, dreams, and memories collide in the summer of Ď42. Simon gives us a nuclear family that clearly has some protons missing.

"One of Simonís most impressive and funniest plays."
- N.Y. Daily News


Murder in Green MeadowsMurder In Green Meadows 
a thriller by Douglas Post
October 18 - November 9, 2002

An architect and his beautiful wife move into their dream house in Green Meadows. But underneath the pleasant, suburban exterior, is a web of deception, sex, murder, and mind games.

"...a tense, complex thriller full of twists and turns from beginning to end."
- Chicago Sun-Times


It Runs In The FamilyIt Runs In The Family 
a farce by Ray Cooney
November 29 - December 21, 2002

If you need a good laugh, this show is just what the doctor ordered! An assortment of farcical nuts run in and out of doors mistaking everybody for someone else, as Dr. Mortimore tries to fend off a paternity suit, an ex-wife, a new-found son and various other lunatics.

"My glasses steamed up with laughter..."
- Sunday Times, London


Romance in DRomance in D 
a comedy by James Sherman
January 10 - February 1, 2003

Isabel has moved into her new apartment and is suicidal about her impending divorce. Her neighbor Charles, inadvertently becomes her savior. During the course of the play, the two fall in love, but when Isabel's father and Charles' mother meet and discover they have a lot in common, there's no telling which couple might be the first to walk down the aisle to marriage.

"...a wry, witty examination of loveís ability to blossom under the
most unlikely of circumstances. If you love romance,
laughter and happiness, ROMANCE IN D is a must-see."



Side ManSide Man 
a comedy-drama by Warren Leight
February 21 - March 15, 2003

1999 Tony Award for Best Play

Smoothly gliding between present and past, SIDE MAN tells the story of a time before The Beatles and Elvis, when jazzmen were as heroic as ball players and there was no shortage of Saturday night gigs. SIDE MAN is both a tribute to the men whose lives were their music and a sober look at a broken family left in the wake of that passion.

"Leight does full justice both to the sordid side of the jazz world
and to the moments of pure joy that the players experience
when they kept time so well it stood still for them.'"
- Fintan OíToole, New York Daily News


A Hotel on Marvin Gardens - logoA Hotel on Marvin Gardens 
a comedy by Nagle Jackson
March 28 - April 19, 2003

K.C., the no-nonsense publisher of ME magazine, is hosting her annual all-day Monopoly game party. "All I want is to run everything and always be right. Now is that so much to ask?" K.C. declares. Monopoly references delight audiences who know the game by heart and the double meaning of corporate gamesmanship rings wickedly true, as Americaís favorite board game becomes the metaphor for American greed.

"Smart interplay of character... sparkling dialogue..."
- Variety


Don Juan in ChicagoDon Juan in Chicago
a comedy by David Ives
May 9 - 31, 2003

Afraid that he wonít have time to find the meaning of life, Don Juan makes a deal with the Devil that grants him immortality - as long as he seduces a different woman every day. Itís every manís fantasy, the Donís personal nightmare, and centuries full of fun!

"DON JUAN is a brashly funny way to spend a couple of hours."
- New York Post


Comic Potential
a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn
June 20 - July 12, 2003

A futuristic black comedy about an aspiring screenwriter who gets more than he bargained for when he falls in love with his robotic leading lady. An intriguing look at how life could turn out in the not too distant future ó from Britainís master of the comic flourish.

"COMIC POTENTIAL hurts you with the sheer exuberance of its laughter."
- Sunday Times, London


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