EIGHT WOMEN 1994 logo8 Women
With Brain Death
Music and Lyrics by Mark Houston.

Book by Cheryl Benge, Christy Brandt, Rosanna Coppedge, Valerie Fagan, Ross Freese, Mark Houston, Sandee Johnson, and Peggy Pharr Wilson.

July 15 - Aug. 6, 1994
Directed by Mark Houston

With the possible exception of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, SIX WOMEN WITH BRAIN DEATH is the most popular show ever produced at Carpenter Square Theatre. This production was directed by playwright/composer Mark Houston himself in honor of our tenth anniversary. This hilarious musical comprises a flow of songs and skits jabbing at society's foibles with complete irreverence.

"Woman Goes Berserk on Freeway...Four Truck Drivers Wasted!"
From left: Jane, Billie, Ellen, Fawnda, Mary, Lana, Renee, and Lisa.




Mark Houston

Because so many actresses auditioned, Mark expanded the show to include 10 women.  After illness and mishaps caused a couple of drop-outs, the show opened as "Eight Women With Brain Death".

This production marked the origin of the "Swim Team" vignettes and the "Recycling" monologue that were later added to the official version. As with the first production, the popularity of the show led to an extension of the run.

SIX WOMEN 1994 logo
The original logo 

The Women:  Mary Freeh 

Jane Hall

Lana Henson
Fawnda McMahan
Renee Preftakes

Lisa Shenk

Billie Thrash

Ellen Webster



Keyboards Steve Elkins
Bass Gene Cook
Percussion Elyse Angelo


Director Mark Houston
Tech Director Joe Daleo
Set Designer Nick Backes
Light Designer Joe Daleo
Stage Manager Philip Carlton
Asst. Stage Mgr.   Jason Beck
Properties Vivian Moon
Helen Kusek 
Spotlight Vince Kniffin
Crews Helen Kusek
Vivian Moon
Ginger Newby
Jason Siria
Don Lusk 
Theatre Manager Ron Martin


Oklahoma Chapter of DIFFA - Bridal Outlet - Mavis - Don Kay - New Leaf Florist - Jack & Dean - Bertha Mae - James - Polly & Jen - Ronnie Rene Taylor

Produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International.

Originally developed and produced by CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS and first performed at the Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri.



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