History of "SIX WOMEN" at CST

Since 1989, there have been six productions of SIX WOMEN WITH BRAIN DEATH at Carpenter Square Theatre. It has proven to be an audience favorite in each of its incarnations.

1989 - 1990 - 1994 - 1996 - 2000 - 2005

1989 Production
The first production of SIX WOMEN took place shortly after CST moved into the refurbished space at Main and Hudson. The show proved to be very popular with audiences and the original run was extended by several weeks.

6 Women - 1989 Cast
Clockwise from top:  Shawn, Mary, Stephanie, Michelle, Amber, and Melanie.

1989 cast: Shawn Carey, Michelle DeLong, Mary Freeh, Stephanie Johnson, Melanie Levy, and Amber Miller. Directed by Roberta Sloan.

1990 Production
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the first production, a new (and significantly different) production of the show was mounted the following season. Michelle DeLong, a member of the 1989 cast directed this version.

6 Women - 1990 logo

1990 cast: Kathleen Hope, Anne Lower, Kelly Morris, Renee Preftakes, Melanie Levy, and Sheryl Waters. Directed by Michelle DeLong.

1994 Production
Playwright Mark Houston (who wrote the music and lyrics) directed the 1994 production of the show. Because so many actresses auditioned, he expanded the show to include 10 women.  After illness and mishaps caused a couple of drop-outs, the show opened as "Eight Women With Brain Death".

SIX WOMEN - 1994 original logo   
- The original and modified show logos - 

This production marked the origin of the "Swim Team" vignettes and the "Recycling" monologue as Houston tweaked and updated the material. As with the first production, the popularity of the show led to an extension of the run.

 8 Women With Brain Death - 1994 Cast
"Woman Goes Berserk on Freeway...Four Truck Drivers Wasted!"
From left: Jane, Billie, Ellen, Fawnda, Mary, Lana, Renee, and Lisa.

1994 cast: Mary Freeh, Jane Hall, Lana Henson, Fawnda McMahon, Renee Preftakes, Lisa Shenk, Billie Thrash, and Ellen Webster. Directed by Mark Houston.

1996 Production
In the season following Mark Houston's death, the show was revived with three members of the 1994 cast.

6 Women With Brain Death - 1996 Cast
Angie, Lisa, Renee, Laura, Anne, and Mary. 

1996 cast: Anne Behrens, Mary Freeh, Laura Hartpence, Renee Preftakes, Angie Reese, and Lisa Shenk. Directed by Rhonda Clark and Ron Martin.

2000 Production
As a fitting end to millennium-madness, CST launched a new production of the show. Four of the women are veterans returning from previous productions.

6 Women - 2000
Clockwise from bottom left: Renee, Rhonda Clark (Director),
Emily, Mary, Ellen, Lysandra, Shawn, and Louise Goldberg (Music Director). 

2000 cast: Mary Freeh, Renee Preftakes, Shawn Carey, Ellen Webster, Lysandra Dial-Meek, and Emily Etherton. Directed by Rhonda Clark.

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6 Women logo

2005 Production
This latest production features three women returning from previous productions.

6 Women - 2005
From left: Jodi, Abby, Renee, Mary, Emily, and Amy

2005 cast: Mary Freeh, Renee Preftakes, Emily Etherton, Abby Tresner, Jodi Nestander, and Amy Northcutt.
Directed by Rhonda Clark.

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Dedicated to playwright/composer
Mark Houston
1948 - 1995 



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