SIX WOMEN logoSix Women With Brain Death
Music and Lyrics by Mark Houston.

Book by Cheryl Benge, Christy Brandt, Rosanna Coppedge, Valerie Fagan, Ross Freese, Mark Houston, Sandee Johnson, and Peggy Pharr Wilson.

Jun. 22 - Aug. 11, 1990
Directed by Michelle DeLong

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the first production, a new (and significantly different) production of the show was mounted the following season. Michelle DeLong, a member of the 1989 cast directed this version.

Sheryl Waters, Kathleen Hope, Kelly Morris, Renee Preftakes, Anne Lower, and Melanie Levy in SIX WOMEN WITH BRAIN DEATH - 1990 Production
Sheryl Waters, Kathleen Hope, Kelly Morris
Renee Preftakes, Anne Lower, and Melanie Levy 



The Women:  Kathleen Hope 

Anne Lower

Melanie Levy
Kelly Morris
Renee Preftakes

Sheryl Waters



Conductor & Keyboards Enoch Elms
Drums John Griffin
Keyboards Harold Ross


Director Michelle DeLong
Musical Director Enoch Elms
Choreographer Cheryl Varnell
Stage Manager & Asst. Director David Swanner
Set Designer & Builder Jim Osterlund
Lighting Design   Ken Roth
Set Painter / Artistic Designer Joe Dogherty
Costume Design Shelley Dixon
Light Operator Steve Jones
Audio/Visual Technician Skip Bachman
Set Crew Stan Kamp
Randy Bumgarner
Jack Clifford
Lighting Crew Margret Phelps
Hildreth Langoc
Jack Clifford
Props Rita Scranton
Props Crew Rebekah Hallford
Video Effects Gary Branscom
Rob Freedman


Elaine Warner - Richard Ingham - Kenny Walker - Oklahoma City Arts Council - Richard Corner - Gary Branscom - Rob Freedman - Sam Burris - Gloria Quaid - Jef Fontana - Don Shirey - Jim Rogers - Mary Freeh - Bob Thompson - Fairview AFX

Produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International.

Originally developed and produced by CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS and first performed at the Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri.



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