The Back Hills Trilogy
By Mary Sue Price

Directed by Granville Burgess

Tonight we are privileged to witness the world premiere of plays by one of Oklahoma's own playwrights. It is very appropriate that these plays deal with the nature of miracles, for it took a kind of miracle to bring them to the stage.

In just 18 days all the plays were re-written, re-structured, rehearsed, and re-born. To do so took an incredible amount of hard work and commitment from the author, actors, staff and management. It also took courage. the courage to plunge into the dark without knowing you'll find the light. That courage is the lifeblood of the theatre. It courses through the veins of every artist. And it provides us, in theatre and in life, with our true miracles.

So tonight we witness the miracle of birth: the very first plays by a brand new writer. I salute those whose courage brought THE BACK HILLS TRILOGY plays into being. And I am proud to have been able to assist in their delivery, to have been there to give them their first whack!, and hear that first cry, loud and defiant and ringing with life.

It is always thrilling to face the challenge of bringing new life to the stage for the very first time. That is what theatre is all about: that ineffable combination of inspiration and perspiration that begets creation - something new and wondrous that has never been beheld before. -- Granville Burgess

I would like to say thank you to the following people for their support and assistance during the production of my first major play: Milan Stitt, John Bishop, Granville Burgess, NYU Dramatic Writing Program, Scott, Sarah, and Max Rhodes, Sherrill Reeves and Teren Stevens: cat sitters supreme. A huge thanks goes to the cast for their patience during the rewrites. -- Mary Sue Price



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Sally, Liza   Vikki Simer
Jack   Tim Barnard
Snake, Luke   Robert Knott
Hailey, Billy   Don Richard
Louise   Ellen Ward
Suzette   Catherine Kinzel
Sascha   Rhea Sydney Harrison
Roma Linda   Kelly McDonald
China Cat   Jonathan Beck Reed


Director   Granville Burgess
Producer   Scott A. Myers
Set Design & Construction   Don Richard
Lighting Design   Don Risi
Costumes   Phyllis Gail Colvin
and Cast
Stage Manager   Anne Barnard
Asst. Stage Manager   Chris Crane
Production Assistants   Marva Laughlin
Sherri Williams
Sound Transfer   S. Meyers


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