THE BIBLE: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)THE BIBLE: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)
by Adam Long, Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor

June 21 - July 13, 2002
Directed by Rhonda Clark

The bad boys of theatre take on the Good Book in THE BIBLE: THE COMPLETE WORD OF GOD (ABRIDGED).

This is the third in a series of truncated topics by the same playwrights who created THE COMPLET WRKS OF WLM SHKSPR (ABRIDGED)  and THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA (ABRIDGED), which have proved to be big hits with local audiences.

Marcellus Hankins, Terry Veal and Mike Waugh play the three sinners cavorting through both the Old and New Testaments. Swearing (not on the Bible) to make the "inexplicable plicable," they launch into irreverent Marcellus Hankins and Terry Veal in THE BIBLE...(Abridged) sketches chock full of music, puns, slapstick, magic tricks and hundreds of anachronisms. The musical number "In the Beginning Blues" launches the book of Genesis, a jaunty "Begattin'" explains the descendants of Adam, a mariachi rhythm brings down the walls of Jericho, while the final book of Revelation is a rousing "That's Armageddon" to the tune of "That's Entertainment." Marcellus Hankins is on keyboard, and also composed or arranged all of the music for the production. Mike Waugh plays most of the women (look for his dancing, rapping Salomé), while throughout the performance Veal is obsessed with Noah's Ark.

Between the three actors, they cover sixty-two characters, including Moses, three not-so-wise men, the twelve apostles and a few dubious saints. Audiences can expect a lot of interaction with the actors, including a sing-along.

Adam Long, Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor developed their plays collaboratively. They say that a tip from the Holy Land led to the Holy Book. Martin explains, "We had performed in Jerusalem at a festival, and folks there suggested it." A round robin of writing followed, with the script passed among the group until the full script was formed. As with their previous works, a lot of the humor comes from the ridiculousness of three guys who think they can present a huge subject in two hours. Where others strive for seamlessness, they plan seam-full. Miscues and mishaps add to the onstage mayhem. The result is a testament to the triumph of good 'n' silly over evil.


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    Marcellus Hankins
    Mike Waugh
    Terry Veal


Director   Rhonda Clark
Set & Lighting Design   Steven Gillmore
Costume Design   Robbin Davis
Stage Manager & Sound Operator   Emily Etherton
Set Construction   Steven Gillmore
Shane Schnetzler
Risa Wilkinson
Scenic Artist   Laura Sullivan
Set Painting   Bob Bates
Rhonda Clark
Shane Schnetzler
Risa Wilkinson
Costume Construction   Robbin Davis
Mary Freeh
Light Operator   Rebekah Peddy
Running Crew   Jennifer Coon
Tom Gibson
Genger Gibson
Ashley Griffith
Risa Wilkinson


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