Book by Joe Masteroff
Music by John Kander
Lyrics by Fred Ebb

Mar. 16 - Apr. 14, 1990
Directed by Michelle DeLong

Jef Fontana, Kathleen Hope, Suzanne Charney, Charlie Dickerson, David Dobson, and Kathy Van Every in CABARET

Based on John Van Druten's I AM A CAMERA and Christopher Isherwood's BERLIN STORIES, this award-winning musical turns the pre-war Berlin of 1931 into a sexually charged haven of decadence. Nightclub entertainer Sally Bowles, who radiantly goes on with the show as the Nazis rise to power, holds her many male admirers at a distance that keeps her from having to bother with genuinely deep emotions. They flock to the Kit Kat Klub night after night as a way of staving off the inevitable effects of war and dictatorship. They're all living in a morally ambiguous vacuum of desperate anxiety, determined to keep up appearances as the real world - the world outside the comfortable sanctuary of the cabaret - prepares for the nightmarish chaos of war.



John Weissert, Kathleen Hope, Steve Jones, and Dan Spurgeon in CABARET


Master of Ceremonies

  Sam Burris
Clifford Bradshaw   David Dobson
Ernst Ludwig   Jef Fontana
Customs Official   Mike Gonzales
Fraulein Schneider   Suzanne Charney
Herr Schultz   Charlie Dickerson
Fraulein Kost   Kathleen Hope
Telephone Girl-Gretta   Candy West
Maitre D'   Terry Medley
Max   Mike McNulty
Waiters   Jack Clifford
Chase Coulter
Sally Bowles   Kathy Van Every
Two Ladies   Susan Webb
Beverly Hill
German Sailors   Dan Spurgeon
Steve Jones
John Weissert

Kit Kat Girls:

Ilsa   Melanie Levy
Frenchie   Susan Webb
Lulu   Diana Killgore
Heidi   Shelby Rothell
Kristina   Cheryl Varnell
Fritzie   Barbara Graham
Helga   Hildreth Langoc
Inge   Beverly Hill

Frei Korps Soldiers

  Mike Gonzales
Jack Clifford
German Youth   Joe McNulty
Taxi Man   Steve Jones
Gorilla   Cheryl Varnell


Synth/Keyboards   Stacy Goodhart
Accordian   Sheryl Waters
Percussion   Ron Blankinship
Trumpet   Rob Freedman
Nick Barnhill
Woodwinds   Keith Parker
Conductor & Keyboards   Enoch Elms


Director   Michelle DeLong
Choreographer   Billie Thrash
Musical Director   Enoch Elms
Tech Director & Stage Manager   Helen Dutton
Artistic Director   Kenneth Roth
Assistant   Christina Rich
Assistant   Susan Webb
Props   Linda Lagan
Costume Designers   David Shuler
Billie Thrash
Michelle DeLong
The Cast
Costume Builders   Carene DeLong
Mondy Paulhka
Suzanne Charney
Rebekah Hallford
David Shuler
Christina Rich
Set Painter   Mark Boothe
Light Operator   David Swanner
Backstage Crew   Rebekah Hallford
Rita Scranton
Christina Rich
Historical Consultant   Mike Gonzales
Set Crew   Helen Dutton
Mike Dutton
Christina Rich
Spud Dutton
Set Construction   Jim Osterlund
Helen Dutton
Christina Rich
Poster & Program Design   David Shuler &
Michelle DeLong based on an original design by Gaylen Nichols


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