CALL ME MADAM - logoCall Me Madam
Book by Howard Lindsay & Russell Crouse
by Irving Berlin

April 7 - 23, 1989
Directed by David Shuler


You've probably heard the term "a fifties musical". Why were fifties musicals different than forties or sixties musicals? They were totally unrealistic, totally fluff, and totally wonderful! We fell in love with newcomers Shirley Jones, Mitzi Gaynor, and Debbie Reynolds as they met their beux, fell in love, and had their first fight - usually just minutes after the opening credits. Storylines were slim or non-existent. Lines such as "What's gotten into you, kid?" were obvious cue lines for a musical number.

Sounds corny? It was, and we ate it up with a spoon. We wanted to believe, and we did, that Betty Grable could slip into her boudoir for three minutes and return with a complete wardrobe change and fantastic new hairstyle.

It was in this mode that I have directed CALL ME MADAM. Don't look for a message, a moral, or great depth. It's not there. What is there is a few hours of fun and excitement. You don't have to think, just enjoy.

I dedicate this show to all insomniatic Late Late Show viewers, and to my mother who stayed up and watched with me!

- David Shuler



The cast of CALL ME MADAM


Sally Adams

  Pat Tweed
Dean Acheson   Louis Green
Congressman Wilkins   Randy Bumgarner
Henry Gibson/
Court Chamberlain
  Jack Clifford
Kenneth Gibson   John Weissert
Miss Phillips   Lana Henson
Senator Brockbank   Jim Rogers
Senator Gallagher   David Swanner
Cosmo Constantine   Bill Davidson
Pemberton Maxwell   Kingsley Adams
Clerk   Anita Witt
Hugo Tantannin   Terry Medley
Sebastian Sebastian   Terry Veal
Princess Maria   Tracy Nelson
Grand Duchess Sophie   Izella Brindley Smith
Grand Duke Otto   Norman Fogel
Chorus   Jo Hunter
Courtney Powell
Barbara Graham
Barbara Hadin Giager
Jim Foster
Champion   Grant Abshure


Director   David Shuler
Choreographer   Cheryl Varnell
Music Director   David Neighbors
Asst. Director   Michelle DeLong
Asst. Choreographer   Hilda Metscher
Stage Manager   Michael Cregan
Pianist   David Hargis
Costumes   Christina Rich
Set Design   Jim Osterlund
Costume Construction   Christina Rich
Pat Abney
Hilda Metscher
Anita Witt
Barbara Graham
David Shuler
Scenic Design   David Shuler
Logo Design   David Shuler


Miss Tweed's Costumes designed by David Shuler & Christina Rich
Miss Tweed's Hairstyle by Gary Bates
Miss Tweed's Jewelry by Collectibles
Grant Abshure appears courtesy of Hayden C. Hewes Agency Modeling/Talent

Kingsley Adams - Frank Gentry - Gary Bates - The Bridge Group - Golden Images - Collectibles - Seabrooks Formal Wear

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