Celebration - logoCelebration
by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt

June 7-16, 1985
Directed by Shep Pamplin

A comic ritual based on an ancient battle between a young man and an old man set on New Year's Eve, CELEBRATION plays out this mythic struggle on a platform observed by Revelers who wait to see what the winter night will bring.

The revel propels a young Orphan looking for his lost garden of beautiful peace into a night filled with a host of bizarre characters, including the richest man in the world and a beautiful fallen Angel who is part of his entourage. Mr. Rich has not felt emotion for over twenty-five years, but with the Orphan's help, he once again achieves humanity, only to find himself in deadly competition with youth for the Angel's love.

- Music Theatre International



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  James Henline

Mr. Rich

  David Earl Hodges


  Chris Cadieux


  Rurie Miller


  Jennifer Bender
Vikki Simer
Kenneth Green
Jill Herndon
Shauna Vile
Charles Monnot
Monica Kellum
Barry Brown
Shawn Sears
Rhonda Miller
James Hughes
Dru West


1st Piano   Mariann Searle
2nd Piano & Electric Piano   Anthony Riley
Bass   Kay Dean Walker
Percussion   John Cole


Director   Shep Pamplin
Musical Director   Mariann Searle
Choreography   Chris Cadieux
Rhonda Miller
Stage Manager   Brett Dotter
Rehearsal Pianist   Anthony Riley
Set Designer   Scott Myers
Set Construction   David Conley
Tim Dalton
Stephanie Johnson
Light Design   Kirk Lewis
Costume Design   Pauli DeWitt
Seamstress   Virginia Stillwell
Lights   David Conley
Spotlight   Amy Fishkin
Props   Patti Bramlett
Masks   Tim Treadway


Sherman Clay Music Company

Produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International.


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