CHANGIN' LANES - 1992 logoChangin' Lanes
Book, Music, and Lyrics
by Mark Houston

May 29 - June 20, 1992
Directed by Ron Martin

New shows, like new gardens, need some careful preparation and tender loving care to flourish. Carpenter Square Theatre is proud to have provided the home for the world premier of Mark Houston's CHANGIN' LANES. This work-in-progress is the composer/author's opportunity to "fine-tune" the show before live audiences.

We have been rehearsing for a frantic four weeks to being this heart-warming, humorous story to life. With the addition of you the audience, we are adding the final ingredient to the magical brew that makes live performances vital. We encourage you to make comments to the creative team. We're interested to know if you liked the characters, were entertained or moved by the performances, and mostly could you follow the storyline?

I will be available after the show to discuss the play with any interested audience members. Your thoughts and comments will be passed along to the playwright who will use these performances and your comments to shape the script for the final re-write he will do later this summer before the show opens in Kansas City at the Unicorn Theatre.

- Ron Martin



Details on this production are incomplete. If you were in this show or have photos, or other information, please email us: 



Sam Beaumont

  Randall Etherton
Kay Lee Downs   Joanne Hill
Arlene Davis   Ellen Webster
Celeste   Mary Freeh
Ida   Linda Parrish
Doris Pope   Sheryl Waters
Billy   Eddie Smart
Weezer   Beki Ryan


Keyboards   Steve Elkins
Fiddle   Kenny Thompson
Bass   Mary Reynolds
Percussion   Elyse Angelo
Guitar   John Wilcox


Director   Ron Martin
Stage Manager   Mike McNulty
Musical Director   Steve Elkins
Choreographer   Mark Croston
Asst. to Mr. Houston   Stephanie Johnson
Set Design   Nick Backes
Scenic Painter   Nick Backes
Scenic Carpenter   Steve Estes
Light Design   Steve Estes
Light Board   Charles England
Sound Design   Richard Corner
Sound Operator   Nick Backes
Spot Operator   Jory McNulty
Costume Design   Charles England
Dressers   Susan Small
Emily Small
Props   Vivian Moon
Logo Design   Nick Backes
Wigs   Renee


Precor Realty Advisors, Nick Preftakes - Steve Callahan Designs - Brusnwick Heritage Lanes, Tom Fletcher - Seabrooks Formal Wear, Keith Hadlock - Kelly Morris - Skip Bachman - Richard Ingham - Mavis - Rhonda Clark

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