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Music, Lyrics, & Book by Mark Houston
Revisions by Francis Cullinan

June 18 - July 10, 1999
Directed by Ron Martin

The author of Six Women with Brain Death or Expiring Minds Want to Know portrays the humorous adventures of two good ol' gals from small-town Oklahoma who inherit a bowling alley in a large metropolitan city, sell their homes, pack their belongings in their '67 Chevy and head out to make it in the big time.

You'll tap your toes and howl with laughter as the CST stage turns into a "bowling alley of dreams" in this hilarious, rowdy, and poignant story with a musical score considered to be one of Houston's finest.

Changin' Lanes was originally presented at Carpenter Square Theatre in 1992 as a workshop production while the show was being developed by Mark Houston. The new production features Ellen Webster and Mary Freeh, two members of the original cast who are reprising their roles.

Changin' Lanes Cast
From left: Abby Redmon, Don Lusk, Ellen Webster, Lane Fields,
Mary Freeh, Louise Goldberg, and Patty McDoulett.



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  Ellen Webster
Celeste   Mary Freeh
Kay Lee   Abby Redmon
Sam   Don Lusk
Billy   Lane Fields
Grace   Patty McDoulett
Piano   Louise Goldberg
Bass   Mary Reynolds
Drums   Elyse Angelo
Director   Ron Martin
Musical Director   Louise Goldberg
Stage Manager   Philip Carlton
Choreographer   Linda Parrish
Set Designer   Nick Backes
Set Construction   Tom Harrington
Costumer   Robbin Davis
Light Designer   Kevin Lesley
Wigmaster   Adrian Thompson
Stage Crew   Bob Bates
Lyn Bates
Emily Etherton
Danielle Holcomb
Vincent Kniffin
Cecil Peadon
Adrian Thompson

My relationship with Mark Houston goes back to the seventies when we were both students at O.U. in the Theatre Department. I was always in awe of his talent. Mark could do everything. He was a versatile actor; a writer and composer; a musician; and with his great sense of irony, a total delight to have around. My fondest memories of our long friendship are of laughing, drinking, and singing around the piano, all of us thinking we would live forever. Mark is never far away from any of us who were fortunate to call him friend.

In the fall of 1991, Mark was visiting and sat at my piano to play us a new song he'd just finished. That song was "Long Gone" which is featured in the show. CHANGIN' LANES had its "work-in-progress" production at Carpenter Square Theatre in the spring of 1992. I was the director and Mark worked on the show up to and beyond opening night. You have never known terror until you are involved with a show that you've never gotten all the way through until the first night audience was there! Mary Freeh, Ellen Webster, Linda Parrish, Nick Backes, Elyse Angelo, and Mary Reynolds; all participants in the current production were with us the first time around. Mark has been with us for this one too.

"Old Friend," this one's for you!

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CHANGIN' LANES is produced by special arrangement with the family of Mark Houston and the Mark Houston estate.

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Rehearsal Photos
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