Comic Potential logoComic Potential
by Alan Ayckbourn

June 20 - July 12, 2003
Directed by Ron Martin

COMIC POTENTIAL opens in a television studio in the not-too-distant-future where a soap opera is being filmed. Actors have been replaced by life-like "actoids" who are programmed by computer techies to deliver cheap comedy and melodrama for idiot consumption.

Overseeing the proceedings is Chandler Tate, a once-famous director of sparkling film comedies who is reduced to "low IQ TV" now that his original art form is deemed too expensive.

John Cheek, Kit Haraughty, Molly O'Connor, and Amy Sylvester in COMIC POTENTIAL

The staff tyrant Carla Pepperbloom arrives with the boss' nephew, an aspiring screenwriter, Adam Trainsmith, who hopes to meet his idol Chandler, and learn how to break into TV comedy writing.

Emily Etherton in COMIC POTENTIAL Amy Sylvester in COMIC POTENTIAL Rory Littleton and Renee Preftakes in COMIC POTENTIAL

During the filming session, one of the actoids malfunctions by mispronouncing several words, which causes actoid Jacie Triplethree (from her serial number JCF31333) to laugh repeatedly. The mispronunciations are explained by the technicians as a common robotic defect, but an actoid with a sense of humor? That is something else - a machine beginning to become human.

Erinn Maxwell, Amy Sylvester, and John Brumley in COMIC POTENTIAL  John Cheek and Molly O'Connor in COMIC POTENTIAL

When Adam is left alone with Jacie, the story takes a Pygmalion twist. He finds that she is capable of original thought, and that she understands the humor in "ancient" comedy techniques, such as double-takes, pratfalls and a pie in the face.

Don Lusk and Amy Sylvester in COMIC POTENTIAL   John Brumley and Don Lusk in COMIC POTENTIAL

Not only is Adam interested in writing a comedy script for Jacie, but soon he's falling in love with her. When the two run away together, the scandal erupts to tabloid proportions. What evolves is by turns hilarious and touching, as Jacie experiences the joy and pain of being human, all the while emitting bits of dialogue from her past characters and snippets of film soundtracks.

Amy Sylvester and John Brumley in COMIC POTENTIAL  Amy Sylvester and John Brumley in COMIC POTENTIAL

Playwright Alan Ayckbourn has been called the British equivalent of America's Neil Simon, in that he is a prolific writer of stage comedies that have been hugely successful. Several times during his career, he has had as many as four of his comedies running simultaneously in London. COMIC POTENTIAL is his fifty-third play, and he has penned two more since it opened in New York in 2000.

Emily Etherton and Erinn Maxwell in COMIC POTENTIAL  Kit Haraughty, Amy Sylvester, and John Brumley in COMIC POTENTIAL

CST's production is the Oklahoma premiere of this play and featured music composed by John Pattison for the original London and New York productions.



Rory Littleton and Chris Bryant in COMIC POTENTIAL

Delores Wheeler and Amy Sylvester in COMIC POTENTIAL

John Brumley and Renee Preftakes in COMIC POTENTIAL

Hotel Desk Clerk
Turkey the Pimp

  Kit Haraughty
Farmer's Wife
  Molly O'Connor
Actoid Technician
  John Cheek
Prim Spring   Emily Etherton
Chandler Tate   Don Lusk
Trudi Floote   Erinn Maxwell
Carla Pepperbloom   Renee Preftakes
Adam Trainsmith   John Brumley
Jacie Triplethree   Amy Sylvester
Marion Cedilla   Rory Littleton
Lester Trainsmith   Chris Bryant
  Delores Wheeler


Director   Ron Martin
Set Design   Nick Backes
Lighting Design & Special Effects   Joe Daleo
Costume Design   Dottie DeLeon
Technical Director & Light Board   Rick Cheek
Stage Manager & Sound Board   Adrian Thompson
Set Construction   Rick Cheek
Scenic Painting   Nick Backes
Molly O'Connor
Rick Cheek
Ron Martin
Don Lusk
Properties   Robbin Davis
Running Crew   Lynna Riley
& Fight Coach
  Doobie Potter
Hairdresser   Adrian Thompson
Massage Therapist   Roger Oxford


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