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Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Book by George Furth

Feb. 25 - Mar. 19, 1994
Directed by Billie Thrash

This Tony-award winning musical centers around an eligible bachelor who is the favorite guest and prized "extra man" of five married couples, who are always pushing him toward matrimony - stressing its joy but also revealing some if its tribulations. Will he or won't he take the plunge?

Terry Medley, Lisa Shenk, Eddie Smart, Pat Tweed, and Bill Davidson in COMPANY



Director's Note

As a self-confessed Sondheim-aholic I am always excited to be a part of any production of his work whether on stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience. Although there was certainly nothing "usual" about his earlier musicals, the 1970 Sondheim-Furth colaboration on COMPANY was a groundbreaker; a musical without a traditional plot with scenes created in the minds, memories, and fantasies of the characters. It's an exploration of the reality of marriage, divorce, and relationships in a surreal setting.

It enjoyed a healthy run on Broadway and won numerous Tony Awards including Best Musical. Although the show reflects the time in which it was written, its subject is timeless.

Much appreciation to "those good and crazy people", my staff and cast for putting in the extra effort a show this complex demands.

- Billie Thrash


Eddie Smart, Bill Davidson, Marcie Barrett, and Pat Tweed in COMPANY


  Eddie Smart
Sarah   Ellen Webster
Harry   Russell Webster
Susan   Lana Henson
Peter   James Harper
Jenny   Lisa Shenk
David   Terry Medley/
Charlie Monnot
Amy   Marcie Barrett
Paul   Brian Black
Joanne   Pat Tweed
Larry   Bill Davidson
Marta   Kathy Van Every
Kathy   Beverly Hill
April   Bethany Daniels
Vocal Minority and Understudies   Mary Freeh
Cynthia Vliet
Kathy Van Every
Lamont Russell
Charlie Monnot
Mary Beth Prescott


Conductor & Keyboards   Sandra Thompson
Keyboards   Dave Hargis
Bass   Travis Erwin
Drums   Brent Barry


Director & Choreographer   Billie Thrash
Music Director   Sandra Thompson
Asst. Music Dir.   Dave Hargis
Set Design   Nick Backes
Stage Manager   Skip Bachman
Set Construction   Steve Estes
Nick Backes
Joe Daleo
Lighting Design   Steve Estes
Costumes   James Harper
Marilyn Harper
Billie Thrash
The Cast
Painters   Darryl Reed
Mona Reed
Light Operator   Lamar Henderson
Spotlight   Mary Beth Prescott
Sound    Skip Bachman
Crew   Jack Clifford
Donna Clevinger
Alan Cook
Darryl Reed
Mona Reed


Ellis Weber-Eagle Wings Karate & Fitness - Dave Anderson Dance Studio - University of Central Oklahoma Costume and Set Department - Suzanne Charney - Renee Preftakes - Mary Freeh - Charlie Monnot - Melba Sanders - Ruth at Hancock's

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