Rabbit HoleThe Dead Guy
by Eric Coble

February 15 - March 8, 2008

Directed by Terry Veal

What would you do if you were granted one million dollars to spend however you please in a week? When Eldon Phelps signs up for a new reality television show called THE DEAD GUY, he's granted that seemingly blissful opportunity in Eric Coble's biting comedy of the same title.

Playwright Eric Coble enjoys poking fun at American obsessions, and in THE DEAD GUY, the world of reality television is the butt of his humor.


The Dead Guy   The Dead Guy

At the play's start, reality TV producer Gina Yaweth's career has taken a nosedive and she is desperate for a new hit show to air during Sweeps Week. She arrives in Leadville, Colorado with a proposition for a local loser who she's certain will take the bait, and quickly sets her sights on a self-proclaimed slacker named Eldon Phelps who's out of a job and out of a girlfriend. Gina's Pitch: You get one million dollars to spend over the next seven days, while a camera crew follows your every move for national television. The Hook: At the end of the week you die a famous man. The Best Part: The viewing pubic gets to vote on the method of your death.

The Dead Guy   The Dead Guy

Once Eldon figures out he's not being "Punk'd," the prospect of fame and fortune is irresistible, so he agrees to star as "The Dead Guy" and is eager to spend his million dollars. In short order, Eldon splurges on new red pick-up trucks for his family and an expensive engagement ring to propose to his former girlfriend. When each of them discover that he will be dead in a week, they violently reject his gifts and him, and soon Eldon is jetting off to Disneyland to drown his sorrow with Magic Kingdom illusions, plenty of beer and cheap hookers.

The Dead Guy   The Dead Guy

At first, producer Gina delights in the drama, but when Eldon's on-air activities threaten to turn illegal, or even worse, boring, she'll do anything to keep the show's ratings soaring. With lots of fast talking and manipulation from Gina, Eldon turns philanthropic and during the remainder of the week works at being remembered as "The Good Guy." All the while, Eldon hopes he'll be spared the death clause in his contract, but it remains to be seen if Gina will disappoint her viewing public by letting him live.

The Dead Guy   The Dead Guy

Eric Coble writes many plays for children that vary widely in subject matter, but the common thread in all of his plays for adults is his comic, but critical, look at our modern American culture. In 2006, Carpenter Square Theatre produced another work by Eric Coble, BRIGHT IDEAS, in which he satirized parents who are obsessed with their children and will stop at nothing to secure their success. His latest play, FOR BETTER, is a romantic comedy that spoofs our overdependence on technology and gadgets, and NATURAL SELECTION, an earlier work, is set in a near future where Native Americans exist in theme parks and technology also reigns supreme.

The Dead Guy


The Dead Guy

Gina Yaweth   Lilli Bassett
Eldon Phelps   Chad Alan Baker
Dougie   Gravelly E. Finley III
Virgil, Security Guard, Leon   Eric Z! Nazim
Roberta, Woman #1, Sheila   Caprice Woosley
Christy, Woman #2, Nancy   Jennifer Wells


Director   Terry Veal
Costume Design   Danyel Siler
Jason McMurray
Lighting Design   Kyle Watson
Stage Manager
& Lightboard
  Bob Cross
Sound Operators   Alyson Colin
Cody Paulk
Sound Engineer   Kyle Watson
Videotaping & Editing   Eric Z! Nazim
Video Set-Up   Eric Z! Nazim
Kyle Watson
Video Operator   Tessa Dillman
Scenic Artist   Nick Backes
Properties   Rhonda Clark
Running Crew   Jason Moore
Roger Oxford
Poster & Ad Design   Jonathan Siler
Website Photos   Rhonda Clark
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton
CST Artistic Director   Rhonda Clark
CST Box Office Manager   Vicky Zipf
CST Technical Director   Josh Cain


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