By Howard Michael Gould
May 6-28, 2005

Directed by Lance Garrett

Carpenter Square Theatre presents the Oklahoma premiere of DIVA. This comedy by Howard Michael Gould takes the audience behind the scenes of a hit television sitcom. The title character is film star Deanna Denninger who is trying to make it in television despite her own bad behavior.

Playwright Gould knows the insider politics of Hollywood, having worked on several television shows and films. For television, he served as a writer and supervising producer for "Cybill," and previously he wrote for "Home Improvement" and executive produced for "The Jeff Foxworthy Show". More recently, Gould was a screenwriter for "Mr. 3000" starring Bernie Mac, and he is scheduled to direct the film of "Diva" for which he also wrote the screenplay.


In Gouldís stage play, DIVA begins during the second season of the TV sitcom "Deanna." Itís an Emmy Award-winning hit show, but the star is battling with Isaac the writer and producer. Insecure, but drunk on the power that she wields as the star, Deanna fancies herself an expert on everything from comedy to costuming. Having been a film star with a personal love life to rival Warren Beatty in his heyday, she demands respect whether she deserves it or not. From the explosive opening scene, the play begins to move backwards in time. Much of the humor comes from the audience knowing the future for the characters, even as they witness the characters form relationships then change alliances over the course of eighteen months.


Lance Garrett directs the cast which stars Kim R. Davis as Deanna the raging diva, with Michael Gibbons, Brian Smolensky, Paul Smith, Christopher Rodgers and Paul James in support as the characters who work on her television show. Suzanne Proctor and Christi Newbury share costume design duties, while Steven Gillmore is the lighting designer and Tom Harrington is the set designer.


Due to strong language, DIVA is rated M for mature audiences.


Carpenter Square Theatre is the recipient of a project assistance grant from the Oklahoma Arts Council for this production. Carpenter Square is an Allied Arts member agency and this show is an Allied Arts Star Card event.




Deanna Denninger   Kim R. Davis
Isaac Brooks   Michael Gibbons
Barry Joshua   Brian Smolensky
Kurt Fast   Paul Smith
Ezra Twain   Christopher Rodgers
Petey Ryan   Paul James


Director   Lance Garrett
Set Design   Tom Harrington
Costume Design   Suzanne Proctor
Christi Newbury
Technical Direction & Lighting Design   Steven Gilmore
Sound Design   Lance Garrett
Emily Etherton
Stage Manager & Light Technician   Teresa Ranalli
Set Construction   Steven Gillmore
Lance Garrett
Scenic Painting   Rhonda Clark
Paul Smith
Lighting Crew   Anthony Bullock
Emily Etherton
Michael Gibbons
Corey Whaley
Properties   Rhonda Clark
Christi Newbury
Running Crew   Anthony Bullock
Dressers   Michelle Swink
Christi Newbury
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton


ABC Furniture - Tom's Formalwear - Emily Etherton - Rockne Gillen - Julia Kurt - Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition - Terry Veal - Classen SAS Drama Department

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