Don Juan in ChicagoDon Juan in Chicago
by David Ives

May 9-31, 2003
Directed by
Rhonda Clark

The legend of the Latin lover Don Juan gets a comic, modern twist when Carpenter Square Theatre presents the Oklahoma premiere of the David Ives comedy DON JUAN IN CHICAGO.

David Ives turns his razor sharp wit on the challenges of romance in his irreverent version of the Don Juan legend. The result is an eccentric, somewhat bawdy tale full of witty wordplay and slapstick antics.

Matt Cheek in DON JUAN IN CHICAGO   Terry Veal and Matt Cheek in DON JUAN IN CHICAGO

The play opens in Seville, Spain in 1599 when Don Juan is a 30-year-old virgin searching for the meaning of life. His servant Leporello urges him to lighten up and lead a normal carnal life, but Don Juan declares, "Life's too short to waste on sex." Afraid that he won't have time for his high-minded pursuits, Don Juan conjures up the Devil and cuts a deal.


Ironically, Mephistopheles grants Don Juan and his servant immortality, as long as Don Juan beds a different woman every day. The first conquest is a breeze, as the fair Dona Elvira has been in love with him from afar for years. Don Juan promptly falls in love with her, but can never be with her again.

Tiffany Montgomery and Matt Cheek in DON JUAN IN CHICAGO   Tiffany Montgomery and Matt Cheek in DON JUAN IN CHICAGO

Naturally, Dona Elvira doesn't take kindly to his "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" style. In anger, she cuts her own deal with the Devil - she will not die until she sleeps with Don Juan again. Of course, only the Devil knows the two deals are mutually exclusive, and the chase leads us to modern-day Chicago.

Brady Ayala and Julie Sledge in DON JUAN IN CHICAGOBy Act Two, Don Juan (alias Don Johnson) is exhausted from four hundred years of performance pressure and evading Dona Elvira. The comedy boils over from his entanglements with a wild woman and her jealous, two-timing boyfriend, the nave neighbors and, of course, Dona Elvira still in hot pursuit.

Playwright David Ives is a native of Chicago, where he began writing plays as a student at Northwestern University. He is best known for his collection of absurd short comedies ALL IN THE TIMING, which propelled him to instant celebrity in the early-nineties. For the New York production of DON JUAN IN CHICAGO, he received the Outer Critics Circle Playwriting Award and a Drama Desk nomination for Outstanding Play.



Chris Rodgers in DON JUAN IN CHICAGO


Shane Brown, Matt Cheek, and Tiffany Montgomery  in DON JUAN IN CHICAGO

Don Juan

  Matt Cheek
Leporello   Terry Veal
Mephistopheles   Shane Brown
Dona Elvira   Tiffany Montgomery
Sandy   Amanda Weisenthal
Todd   Chris Rodgers
Mike   Brady Ayala
Zoey   Julie Sledge


Director   Rhonda Clark
Set Design   Rhonda Clark
Rick Cheek
Light Design/
Tech. Direction
  Rick Cheek
Costume Design & Construction   Corey Martin
Sound Design   Joe Daleo
Rhonda Clark
Stage Manager   Bob Bates
Light Operator   Bob Cross
Sound Operator   Mona Cross
Tech. Assistants   Emily Etherton
Shane Schnetzler
Running Crew   Bob Bates
Tom Gibson
Genger Gibson
Dressers   Emily Etherton
Shane Schnetzler
Set Construction   Rick Cheek
Rockne Gillen
Bob Bates
Kim Davis
Set Painting   Rhonda Clark
Kim Davis
Emily Etherton
Doobie Potter
Nick Backes
Costume Assistant   Carol Welch
Massage Therapist   Roger Oxford


Spivey's Antiques - Joe Daleo - Angela Marks - Tom Harrington - Classen School of Advanced Studies, Drama Department - Ron Martin - Don Lusk - UCO Department of Theatre, Dance, and Media Arts - Jon Thompson - Sue Ellen Reiman - Shane McClure - Lance Garrett - Catherine Pongratz

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