Eating Raoul logoEating Raoul

Book by Paul Bartel, Music by Jed Feuer, and Lyrics by Boyd Graham.

June 19 - July 12, 1998
Directed by Marcellus Hankins

Paul Bartel's 1982 classic cult film comes to life in this funny, campy, musical version.

Paul and Mary Bland are a nice, ordinary (very ordinary) couple living in the Swinging '60s in Los Angeles. They dream of owning a small country restaurant far away from the tackiness of the big city. Fate conspires to rob them of their dream until they chance upon a scheme to finance their restaurant, (and get rid of a few sex fiends in the process).

Eating Raoul is the first Carpenter Square Theatre show to be performed on the Tolbert Theatre stage.

raoul48.jpg (13892 bytes) 
Brian Stockton as RAOUL



raoul42.jpg (17369 bytes)
SEXPERTS - Paul & Mary Bland

raoul55.jpg (12089 bytes)
The Muscle Boys (Charlie Monnot and
Mike Lee) menace Paul and Mary.

raoul57.jpg (10905 bytes)
Donna the Dominatrix

Paul Bland

  Don Lusk
Mary Bland   Janna Rouse
Raoul   Brian Stockton
Donna the Dominatrix and Yolanda   Mary Freeh
Dr. Doberman, Muscleboy, Bobby   Charlie Monnot
Mr. Kray, Howard, Junior, Ginger   James Tyra
Mr. Leech, Muscleboy, Paco   Mike Lee
James, Stick-up Man, Lenny   Erik Sells
Gladys, Sexpert   Lysandra Dial
Inez, Sexpert   Tina Weaver
Metermaid, Sexpert, Basketball Player   Renee' Krapff
Chicken, Snowman   Phil Carlton
Piano   Chris Todd
Drums   Elyse Angelo
Bass   Nelson Eubank
Keyboards   Warren Loy
Director   Marcellus Hankins
Musical Director   Chris Todd
Choreographer   Linda Parrish
Stage Manager   Bob Cross
Set Designer   Nick Backes
Costumes   Pamela Kosted
Donna's Costumes   Mary Freeh
Light Designer
& Operator
  Kevin D. Lesley
Set Construction   Ben Hall
Sound Operator   Bob Bates
Properties   Mona Cross
Recordings   Joe Daleo
Hair & Wigs   Rene' Taylor
Backstage Crew   Adrian Thompson
Lyn Bates

raoul61.jpg (5898 bytes)    raoul60.jpg (6171 bytes)
Janna Rouse and Don Lusk

raoul63.jpg (9119 bytes)
Victim #2

raoul_cast.jpg (16148 bytes)
The cast, crew, and band.

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Walker Stamp & Seal - Leit Motif - Jon Womastek - Stan Kamp - Bellini's Waterford - Tuxedo Specialists - Donna Lyn Lusk - Centerfolds - Remarkable Shop - Dis Guy's Costumes - Scott Meek - Laura Freeh - Rhonda Clark - Doobie Potter - Vikki Simer - Marcetta Hankins - and  Eddie Korbich for making opening night such a thrill!

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