Equus - logoEquus
by Peter Shaffer

Mar. 17 - Apr. 2, 1988
Directed by Richard Lemin

With symbolic use of masks and staging, EQUUS depicts the story of a deranged youth who blinds six horses with a spike. Through a psychiatrist's analysis of the events, Shaffer creates a chilling portrait of how materialism and convenience have killed our capacity for worship and passion and, consequently, our capacity for pain.

The play explores questions about what is Normal and to what extent society will go to normalize people - or to lock them away somewhere if they can't be normalized.




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Dr. Martin Dysart

  L.K. Lewis
Nurse   Cheryl Varnell
Hesther Saloman   Kelly Morris
Alan Strang   Jason Matlock
Frank Strang   Rob Robbins
Dora Strang   Laurel Van Horn
Nugget / Horseman   Chip Chappelle
Harry Dalton   David Hester
Jill Mason   Deini Matlock
Trooper   Greg Earles


Director   Richard Lemin
Producer   Deborah Franklin
Design   Richard Lemin
Stage Manager   David Hester
Lighting Design   Rob Freedman
Lights/Sound   Mary Barnes
Masks   Kevin Clark
Set Construction   Greg Earles
Jim Osterlund


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