Glimmer, Glimmer & ShineGlimmer, Glimmer & Shine
by Warren Leight
January 12 - February 3, 2007


Directed by Rhonda Clark


GLIMMER, GLIMMER & SHINE could be a law firm or even a vaudeville act, but in this case it's the title of Carpenter Square Theatre’s first production of 2007.

Warren Leight's comedy-drama about brothers who are jazz musicians has its Oklahoma premiere January 12-February 3 in the intimate arena theatre at Stage Center, located at 400 W. Sheridan in downtown Oklahoma City.


In the 1950s, twin brothers Martin and Daniel Glimmer, along with Eddie Shine, formed the glow-in-the-dark trumpet section known as "Glimmer, Glimmer & Shine". They toured the country with various big bands, as devoted to drugs and booze as they were to their music. Just as they were on the brink of success in 1955, Daniel abruptly slammed the door on his music and his band mates, married, and became a successful businessman. Completely cut off from his brother, Martin continued in music and mayhem.


In 1990, when the play opens, Martin is in poor health. He rarely sets foot outside of his sixth-floor walk-up apartment, but stays connected to music by mentoring trombonist Jordan Shine, the son of his former band mate who has since died. While playing at a wedding reception, Jordan meets Delia Glimmer, Daniel's buttoned-up daughter. Through their encounter, Delia is stunned to discover that she has a father who was once a jazz musician and an uncle that she never new existed. As secrets continue to emerge, the play interweaves two storylines, the awkward reconciliation of the brothers and the equally awkward romance between Jordan and Delia.


Playwright Warren Leight is a Tony Award-winner for SIDE MAN, a play that also looked at the lives of jazz musicians. The son of a jazz trumpet player, Leight once compared the work of musicians and actors: "There's a weird overlap between jazz musicians and theater actors; both are underpaid and underappreciated. And good actors, like good jazz musicians, are completely in the moment. They play songs within the same structure every night, but there’s a moment when you're going to crescendo, a moment when you take it down, or a moment when you let somebody else solo."


Carpenter Square Theatre would like to dedicate our production of GLIMMER, GLIMMER & SHINE to the late Steve Vann who loved performing, especially on the CST stage. We sorely miss his talent and generous spirit.



Delia Glimmer   Crystal Ecker
Jordan Shine   Rodney Brazil
Martin (Marty) Glimmer   James Tyra
Daniel (Danny) Glimmer   Terry Veal


Director   Rhonda Clark
Set & Costume Design   Corey Martin
Lighting Design   Steven Gillmore
Stage Manager / Lights   Bob Cross
Sound Technician   Spencer Hankins
Set Construction   Corey Martin
Chris & Ki Holick
Scenic Painting   Corey Martin
Rhonda Clark
Properties   Mona Cross
Rhonda Clark
Running Crew   Tom Gibson
Poster & Ad Design   Phil Carlton
Website Photos   Rhonda Clark
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton


Rob Freedman - Jon Womastek - Doobie Potter - Suzanne Charney - Vikki Simer

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