Harold & MaudeHarold & Maude
By Colin Higgins
September 3-25, 2004
Directed by Rhonda Clark

Carpenter Square Theatre opened its 21st Season with HAROLD & MAUDE, the stage version of the 1970s cult classic film by the same name.

HAROLD & MAUDE is one of the most unconventional love stories ever penned - both moving and filled with humor.

Harold is a 19-year-old rich kid who is fascinated with demolitions, funerals and mock suicides staged to shock his mother.

At a funeral, he meets Maude, a vivacious 79-year-old widow with eccentric hobbies of her own. They quickly form a bond, to the horror of Harold’s mother. With Maude’s "reach out - take a chance" encouragement, Harold learns to truly live and love.

Suzanne Proctor, Vikki Simer, and John Brumley in HAROLD & MAUDE   John Brumley and Vikki Simer in HAROLD & MAUDE

Film buffs will remember Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort starring in the title roles of director Hal Ashby’s 1971 movie. Cat Stevens provided the musical score. The film developed a cult following throughout the 1970s, with numerous midnight showings on college campuses across the country. Over the years, such terms as “Harolding” and “Maudianism” were created (Harolding referring to the habit of visiting cemeteries and Maudianism naming a philosophy of living each day to the fullest).

John Brumley and Jane Hall in HAROLD & MAUDE   John Brumley and Jane Hall in HAROLD & MAUDE

The story originated as a 20-minute graduate thesis project when Higgins was a student at UCLA. When he showed it to his landlady, the wife of a film producer, the two formed a production company to make the full-length film. Later, Higgins developed the story into a novel, and his stage play opened in New York in 1980.

John Brumley and Michael Gibbons in HAROLD & MAUDE   Vikki Simer and Jane Hall in HAROLD & MAUDE

Higgins went on to write, direct, and produce such films as FOUL PLAY, NINE TO FIVE and THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS. He died in 1988 from complications due to AIDS.

John Brumley, Suzanne Proctor, Angela Brock, and Vikki Simer in HAROLD & MAUDE  John Brumley and Jane Sholer in HAROLD & MAUDE

Jane Hall and R. Lance Garrett in HAROLD & MAUDE   John Brumley, Bob Cross, and Jane Hall in HAROLD & MAUDE


Christi Newbury and Vikki Simer in HAROLD & MAUDE

Paul Smith and John Brumley in HAROLD & MAUDE


Harold Chasen   John Brumley
Mrs. Chasen   Vikki Simer
Marie   Suzanne D. Proctor
Dr. Matthews   Michael Gibbons
Maude   Jane Hall
Father Finnegan   Paul Smith
Inspector Bernard
  Bob Cross
Chief Gardener/
Sgt. Doppel
  R. Lance Garrett
Sylvie Gazel/
  Angela Brock
Nancy Mersch/
  Christi Newbury
Sunshine Dore
  Jane Sholer
Mourner/Moving Man   Anthony Bullock
Mourner/Moving Man   Tom Gibson


Director   Rhonda Clark
Costume Design   Corey Martin
Lighting Design/
Sound Engineer
  Steven Gillmore
Set Design/Properties   Rhonda Clark
Corey Martin
Stage Manager/
Lighting Technician
  Emily Etherton
Stage Manager
  Bob Cross
Set Construction   Corey Martin
Anthony Bullock
Tom Gibson
Steven Gillmore
Shannon Murray
Scenic Painting   Corey Martin
Bob Bates
Anthony Bullock
Rhonda Clark
Shannon Murray
Doobie Potter
Running Crew   Tom Gibson
Anthony Bullock
Dresser   Rhonn Evans
Poster Design   Phil Carlton
Poster Photo   Rhonda Clark
Web Photos   Phil Carlton
Rhonda Clark
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton


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