House of Blue Leaves
by John Guare

March 10 - 25, 1989
Directed by Lee Hicks

Laurel Van Horn, Director Lee Hicks, and Terry Veal - HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES
Laurel Van Horn, Director Lee Hicks, and Terry Veal




Vikki Simer and Marcy Roberts in HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES

Artie Shaughnessy

  Terry Veal
Ronnie Shaughnessy   Russell Schmid
Bunny Flingus   Marcy Roberts
Bananas Shaughnessy   Laurel Van Horn
Corrinna Stroller   Vikki Simer
Billy Einhorn   Terry Dutton
Head Nun   Mary Lois Grantham
Second Nun   Maggie Fuchs
Little Nun   Terie Bostic
MP's   Steve Cox
Todd Hawkins
Larry DeShazo
The White Man   Dale Ellis
Nurse   Stephanie Johnson


Director   Lee Hicks
Stage Manager   Hellen Dutton
Set Construction   Stan Kamp
Stephanie Johnson
Mike Dutton
Linda Lagan
Spud Dutton
Properties   Sandy Gander
Lighting Design   Russell Schmid
Costumes   Hellen Dutton
Photography   Elaine Warner
Sound Production   Jef Fontana
Light/Sound Operator   John Hamlin


Jim Schmaelzle - Christina Rich - Koslow's Furs - Cire Advertising - Pat Roberts - Jean Wellfare - Walker Stamp and Seal

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


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