Inspecting Carol
By Daniel Sullivan and the Seattle Repertory Theatre Company
November 24 - December 16, 1995

Directed by Doobie Potter

The play is about a small professional theatre company, stuggling financially, as most theatre companies do, and worried about funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. To keep their ticket sales up, they are involved in the 13th production of their annual money-maker, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Enjoy this play within a play as things literally fall apart!


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Mary Jane McMann   Mary Freeh
Wayne Wellacre   Darren Park
Zoran Bloch   Betsy Allie
Luther Beatty   Jack Lienke
Dorothy Tree-Hapgood   Suzanne Charney
Sidney Carlton   Norman Fogel
Phil Hewlitt   Barry Thurman
Walter E. Parsons   Marcellus Hankins
Kevin Emery   R.D. Allie
Bart Frances   Christian Kosted
Larry Vauxhall   James Tyra
Betty Andrews   Diane Chapel


Director   Doobie Potter
Stage Manager   JoLynne Lair
Scenic Designer   Joe Daleo
Costume Designer   Mary Freeh
Sound/Light Design   Joe Daleo
Composer   Norman Durkee
Sound Technician   Mona Cross
Set Painter   Nick Backes


Hummel Eye Associates - Jason Elliot - Jewel Box Theatre - National Endowment of the Arts - Nick Backes - Bowman-Shelton Orthopedic Services, Inc. - Oklahoma Children's Theatre - Sue Ellen Reiman - Betty Hensen - Masquerade Costumes - University of Central Oklahoma Theatre - Willman's Furriers, Inc.

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