Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy DeanCome Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean 
by Ed Graczyk

April 1985
Directed by Lyn Adams

Inside a rundown Woolworth's department store in McCarthy, Texas, a reunion is planned for the members of a local 1950s James Dean Fan Club. 

Mona is a high-strung asthmatic who has spent the past twenty years clerking in the dime store. Former president of The Disciples Of James Dean, she still carries an obsessive torch for her idol. Sissy, the wise-cracking waitress at the local truck stop, loves to boast about her large bosoms as well as her sexual escapades. Only three other Disciples appear for the reunion, including a mystery guest named Joanne, an old acquaintance who has returned to settle several old scores.

The play shifts between 1975 and 1955, flashbacks show the Disciples frenzied over Dean's arrival in a nearby town to shoot the film GIANT. It is revealed that Mona got a job as an extra on the GIANT shoot and nine months later gave birth to a son, who she claims is James Dean's child.

By the end of the stormy evening, Joanne has exposed the secrets and self-deceptions with which her friends have been living.



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  Karen Baker
Sissy   Toby Tobin
JoAnne   Kelly McDonald
Juanita   Pat Tweed
Stella Mae   Doobie Potter
Edna Louise   Kathryn Huey
Mona (Then)   Kelly Riha
Sissy (Then)   Dana Shelton
Joe   Brett Dotter
Andrew Hickman


Director   Lyn Adams
Scenic Design   Douglas Marsh
Costume Design   Shelly Miachak Walker
Producer   Scott A. Myers


Richard Adams - Larry Dowell - Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - Claudia Mathes - Stage Center - Michael Mills - Marty Morril - Mike Shepard, Selvee, Inc. - Kevin McConnell - Denver Reese Typographics - The Stores

This play was revived at CST during the 1988 season.


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