The Lion In WinterThe Lion In Winter
by James Goldman

November 7-11, 2001
Directed by Rhonda Clark

Featuring special guest star Maureen McGovern*

And you thought getting through the holidays with your family was challenging?

The family feud in King Henry II of England's household is in full force during the Christmas season as Henry works to preserve his legacy.

Steve Vann and Maureen McGovern in THE LION IN WINTERHenry wants to ensure his kingdom will stay united after his death, but each of his three sons want to rule, which almost guarantees revolution in the land. 

Henry favors his youngest son John, while his wife favors the eldest, Richard - while middle son Geoffrey is playing both ends against the middle and hopes to emerge the victor.

Henry even considers having another heir by his young mistress, but that would only add to the contenders for the throne! Full of comic repartee, Goldman makes history sparkle.


Maureen McGovern in THE LION IN WINTER   Rebekah Peddy, Steve Vann, Wil Rogers, and Doug Ford in THE LION IN WINTER

(This play was CST's production in the
2001-2002 series.)



Corey Whaley in THE LION IN WINTER

Maureen McGovern Rebekah Peddy

Doug Ford, Corey Whaley, and Shane Schnetzler

Shane Schnetzler and Doug Ford

Rebekah Peddy

Rehearsal Photos 

Eleanor of Aquitaine

  Maureen McGovern*
Henry II, King of England   Steve Vann
Richard Lionheart, The Oldest Son   Corey Whaley
The Middle Son
  Doug Ford
The Youngest Son
  Shane Schnetzler
Phillip, King of France   Wil Rogers
Alais Capet,
Sister to Phillip
  Rebekah Peddy
Stand-in/Understudy for Ms. McGovern   Vikki Simer
Servants   Risa Wilkinson
Bob Bates
Tom Gibson


Director   Rhonda Clark
Set Design/Tech Dir.   Tom Harrington
Costume Design   Corey Martin
Lighting Design   Steven Gillmore
Sound Design   Rhonda Clark
Stage Manager   Bob Bates
Scenic Artist and Poster Art   Nick Backes
Set Construction   Tom Harrington
Melody Harrington
Steven Gillmore
Dustin Mars
Kyle Watson
Shane Schnetzler
Risa Wilkinson
Costume Construction   Corey Martin
Jon Thompson
Risa Wilkinson
Mary Freeh
Master Electrician   Kyle Johnston
Lighting Crew   Dustin Mars
Scott Andrews
Light Board Operator   Dustin Mars
Sound Operator   Mel Ables
Running Crew   Tom Gibson
Genger Gibson
Risa Wilkinson
Dresser   Corey Martin
Weapons and Fight Consultant   Shane McClure
Poster Design   Phil Carlton
Don Lusk


Donna Simer - Vikki Simer - Bruce Berman - Oklahoma Shakespeare in The Park - UCO College of Arts, Media, & Design - OKC Florist - The Coach House Restaurant - North Pole City

*Maureen McGovern is a member of the Actor's Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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