Lips Together,
Teeth Apart

by Terrence McNally

Oct. 15 - Nov. 6, 1993
Directed by Ron Martin

A gay community in Fire Island provides an unlikely setting for two straight couples who are discovered lounging poolside, staring out to sea. Sally, married to Sam, a New Jersey contractor, has inherited the house from her brother who died of AIDS. Sam's hyperkinetic sister, Chloe, and her smug, aristocratic husband, John, have come out for the Fourth of July weekend.

Amidst the seemingly mundane activities, it becomes apparent that the two men despise each other because John has had an affair with Sally; Sally is panicked and melancholy because she is pregnant and fears miscarriage; and Chloe seems determined to drive them all mad with her incessant babble and enthusiasm for musical comedies

Through monologues unheard by the others, the characters reveal a desperate sense of individual isolation. The only people these four characters find more alien are the gay men partying in the houses on either side of them. As they divert themselves from their own mortality with food, cocktails, the New York Times crossword puzzle, fireworks, charades, and biting jabs at each other and the boys next door, Sally and Sam and John and Chloe find little to celebrate about themselves or their country on its birthday.



Memories of LIPS TOGETHER...

"Aside from the devastating dramatic action of LIPS TOGETHER, TEETH APART - I remember that the show was quite complicated from a technical standpoint.

There was a working shower and swimming pool onstage. The pool was at the edge of the stage and had a clear glass front so you could see inside as Sally waded in it. 

During the first act, Chloe cooks hamburgers onstage. We had cooked patties hidden on the grill and she carried out rice cakes painted to look like raw patties - she then switched them out with the real burgers as she served them.

In the second act, McNally emphasizes bits of dialog with the harsh sound of a bug zapper. At strategic points in the dialogue, I was stationed backstage with a stun gun and would set it off to make the sound effect."

- Don Lusk, Asst. Stage Manager

Chloe Haddock

  Linda Parrish
Sam Truman   Steve Vann
John Haddock   Ben Hall
Sally Truman   Rhonda Clark


Director   Ron Martin
Set Design   Roger Drummond
Consultant   Nick Backes
Stage Manager   Dedra Dahl
Asst Stage Mgr   Don Lusk
Sound Design   Randall Etherton
Properties   Sally Noakes
Lights   Nick Backes
Scenic Painting   Nick Backes
Technician   Joe Daleo
Understudies   Renee Preftakes
Nick Backes


Nick & Renee Preftakes - Gil & Janet Mitchell, Gil's - Nicky Thomason - Dr. Ann Frankland, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma - Phil Carlton - Doug Getzoff - Renee Taylor - Rhonn Evans - Craig Miller - Julie Brown - Douglas McCord - Lilli Bassett - William Brackeen, Sound Warehouse

Special Note:
The setting for LIPS TOGETHER, TEETH APART was designed by Roger Drummond, Associate Professor of Drama at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, and was built by Professor Drummond and his students at the University of Chickasha. The set was used for their production - November 17-21, 1993

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Originally produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club on May 28, 1991.



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