The Memory of WaterThe Memory of Water
by Shelagh Stevenson

October 5-27, 2001
Directed by
Nick Backes


It can play tricks on us. Memory and those tricks are given a shrewd workout in Shelagh Stevenson's bittersweet comedy The Memory of Water.

Sheryl Martin, Ellen Webster, and Anne Behrens in THE MEMORY OF WATER

The story is built around the death of Vi, the mother of three adult sisters who return to their childhood home for the funeral and the attendant sorting out of a lifetime, which includes not only Mom's garish old clothes, but also their connections to their parents, each other, and the men in their lives.

Ellen Webster in THE MEMORY OF WATER      Ellen Webster and Rob May in THE MEMORY OF WATER

Mary, the middle daughter, is a neurologist doing research in memory and in the fifth year of an affair with a married man.

Sheryl Martin and Ellen Webster in THE MEMORY OF WATER      Sheryl Martin and James Tyra in THE MEMORY OF WATER

Teresa, the oldest daughter, took care of their mother when she developed Alzheimer's disease. She and her husband run a health food business.

Anne Behrens and Sheryl Martin in THE MEMORY OF WATER      Anne Behrens in THE MEMORY OF WATER

Catherine, the baby of the family, is addicted to shopping and men who never stay, and she dabbles in drugs and analysis.

Ellen Webster, Sheryl Martin, and Anne Behrens in THE MEMORY OF WATER

The playwright chooses to include the mother as a character onstage and weaves her in and out of the action. The first act ends with the three sisters half-dressed in gaudy remnants of their mother's wardrobe, tipsy and hysterically clowning for the camera and their men.

By play's end, the audience has gotten to know each character and their idiosyncrasies intimately, as the sisters come to terms with each other and their shared past. One sister observes, "Our mother runs through us whether we like it or not."

Linda Parrish in THE MEMORY OF WATER

"The Memory of Water" garnered the 2000 Olivier Award for Best Comedy for its London production. In the United States, the renowned Steppenwolf Theatre of Chicago and Manhattan Theater Club have both brought it to the stage. Carpenter Square Theatre is proud to present the play's first production in Oklahoma.



Sheryl Martin, Anne Behrens, and Ellen Webster in THE MEMORY OF WATER


Ellen Webster in THE MEMORY OF WATER


  Ellen Webster
Vi   Linda Parrish
Teresa   Sheryl Martin
Catherine   Anne Behrens
Mike   Rob May
Frank   James Tyra


Director   Nick Backes
Stage Manager   Ashley Bower
Tech Director   Steven Gillmore
Set Design   Nick Backes
Costume Design & Construction   Corey Martin
Lighting Design   Dustin Mars
Sound Design   Joe Daleo
Set Construction   Steven Gillmore
Risa Wilkinson
Shane Schnetzler
Ashley Bower
Set Painting   Nick Backes
Ashley Bower
Risa Wilkinson
Sound Operator   Mona Cross
Light Board   Bob Cross
Running Crew   Risa Wilkinson


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