Murder in Green Meadows

Oct. 18 - Nov. 9, 2002
Directed by Doobie Potter

As the audience enters, they see the living room and kitchen of a stylish, suburban home, trimmed out with the accoutrements of a comfortable life. The owners are a couple who seem as perfect as their contemporary new home, but underneath the cool, middle-American exterior, something is truly rotten.

Thomas Devereaux is the architect and contractor who has just finished a development in Green Meadows, Illinois. He and his wife Joan have just moved into the original model home after leaving their last neighborhood under what we learn were mysterious circumstances. Their neighbors, Carolyn and Jeffrey Symons, become fast friends, and playwright Douglas Post carefully sets about revealing the personality quirks of his four characters.

Merrisue Lucardeaux and Mark Lawrence in MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS

Important clues to what lies ahead arise from the characters themselves - their stories, their secrets, even the strategies they use to play what seems like a simple game of cards. Without divulging too much of the plot, the audience can expect deception, passion and violence.

Merrisue Lucardeaux in MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS   Emily Etherton in MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS

MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS began life as a television collaboration between Chicago's WMAQ-TV and the city's famed Steppenwolf Theatre Company. After the broadcast and six Emmy nominations, Post expanded his story into a full-length theatre piece. Post is a Resident Playwright at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago.

Carpenter Square Theatre's artistic director Rhonda Clark observes, "This is the type of show that is perfect for the intimate Arena theater where we perform at Stage Center. Never sitting more than five rows from the action, the audience should have the feeling of peeking through the windows of a home, able to observe every nuance of a character's suspicious action or reaction. We were excited to find a well-written contemporary murder mystery that depends on juicy characters instead of worn-out plot devices."

Clockwise from left: Chris Crane, Merrisue Lucardeaux, Emily Etherton, and Mark Lawrence in MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS   Merrisue Lucardeaux and Mark Lawrence in MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS


Emily Etherton and Mark Lawrence in MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS

Chris Crane and Merrisue Lucardeaux in MURDER IN GREEN MEADOWS

Carolyn Symons   Emily Etherton

Thomas Devereaux

  Mark Lawrence
Jeffrey Symons   Chris Crane
Joan Devereaux   Merrisue Lucardeaux


Director   Doobie Potter
Tech. Director / Lighting Designer   Steven Gillmore
Set Design   Doobie Potter
Steven Gillmore
Sound Design   Joe Daleo
Costume Coordinator   Corey Martin
Director's Assistant   Linda Clark
Stage Manager / Sound Operator   Catherine Pongratz
Light Operator   Dale Zilar
Scenic Artists   Rhonda Clark
Doobie Potter
Set Construction   Steven Gillmore
Kyle Watson
Rockne T. Gillen
Kim R. Davis
Chris Colbert
Lance Garrett
Dressers   Linda Clark
Kim R. Davis
Running Crew   Rockne T. Gillen
Jennifer Coon


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