by Jeffrey Hatcher

October 16 - November 7, 2009

Directed by Shawn Hicks

Three comic tales about revenge, blackmail, sex, money, jealousy, justice, and murder! Who could ask for anything more? Set in the sun-drenched world of the Riddle Key Luxury Retirement Village in Florida, each story is a cat-and-mouse mystery featuring culprits who tell how they decided to commit the perfect crime and what tripped them up along the way.









The Man Who Married His Mother-in-Law

Gerald Halverson   Joe DiBello

Margaret Faydle Comes to Town

Lucy Stickler   Linda McDonald

Match Wits With Minka Lupino

Minka Lupino   Kris Schinske


Director   Shawn Hicks
Set Design   Shawn Hicks
Caleb Schnackenberg
Costume Design   Charlotte Rose
Lighting Design   Amy Ackerman
Sound Design   Shawn Hicks
Stage Manager   Caprice Woosley
Light Board Operator   Caprice Woosley
Sound Operator   Shawn Hicks
Sound Engineer   Jeff Morava
Set Construction   Caleb Schnackenberg
Scenic Artist   Nick Backes
Other Scenic Painting   Caleb Schnackenberg
Lighting Crew   Scott Hynes
Properties   Rhonda Clark
Running Crew   Jessa Schinske, Erin Langer
Poster & Ad Design   Jonathan Siler
Website Photos   Rhonda Clark
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton
CST Artistic Director   Rhonda Clark
CST Box Office Manager   Vicky Zipf


Phil Carlton - Jackie Montana - Doobie Potter - Jon Womastek

Cast Sponsor: Kim & Scott Weaver
Opening Night Party Sponsor: Mark Engel



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