The O'Conner GirlsThe O'Conner Girls
by Katie Forgette

November 23 - December 15, 2007

Directed by Terry Veal


If you love your family more than anything, but sometimes dream of changing your name and moving a thousand miles away, you'll feel right at home with THE O'CONNER GIRLS!

Set in 1997 over the Christmas holidays in snowy Minnesota, Mr. O'Conner has passed away and his wife, two daughters and their Aunt Margie reunite to excavate his mountain of personal effects, which includes memorabilia from his business running a revival movie theater in their small town.





As they sift through bags and boxes, clues to the quiet World War II veteran's life are discovered, prompting some heated arguments and some unexpected revelations. With a dash of Irish wit, some Catholic guilt, old movies, and new romance, the O'Conner ladies discover that life can begin again.





Sarah O'Conner   Laurel Jaworsky
Liz O'Conner   Jo Perryman
Martha O'Conner   Kris Schinske
Aunt Margie   Donna Mackie
Dr. David Stevens   Kyle Watson


Director   Terry Veal
Set Design & Construction   Josh Cain
Costume Design   Danyel Siler
Lighting Design   Kyle Watson
Stage Manager   Bob Cross
Light Operator   Bob Cross
Sound Operator   Claire Deveney
Sound Engineer   Kyle Watson
Scenic Painting   Josh Cain
Rhonda Clark
Properties   Rhonda Clark
Running Crew   Roger Oxford
Jessa Schinske
Poster & Ad Design   Jonathan Siler
Website Photos   Rhonda Clark
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton
CST Artistic Director   Rhonda Clark
CST Box Office Manager   Vicky Zipf
CST Technical Director   Josh Cain


Tom Harrington - Marilyn Veal - David Perryman - CityRep - Jon Womastek - Doobie Potter - Seth Sanders

Cast Sponsors - Larry & Leah Westmoreland



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