Our Country's Good - logoOur Country's Good
by Timberlake Wertenbaker

April 23 - May 15, 1993
Directed by Lyn Adams

Described as "highly theatrical, often funny and at times dark and disturbing, it sets an infant civilization on the stage with clarity, economy and insight [as] it relates the true story of the first theatrical performance in Australia."; OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD is based on Thomas Keneally's novel THE PLAYMAKER.

David Pasto, Jody McCoy, and Rhonda Clark in OUR COUNTRY'S GOODIn June 1789 in the penal colony that was later to become the city of Sydney, a marine lieutenant decides to put on a play to celebrate the king's birthday.

He casts the play with the English convicts who populate this distant Australian prison camp. Few of them can read, let alone act, and the play is being produced against a background of food shortages and barbaric punishments - brilliantly juxtaposed against the civilizing influence of theatrical endeavor.

The "hangman," himself a convict, has been recruited along with a woman, wrongfully accused of stealing. Even as the play is being rehearsed, he measures her for a noose. 

Despite its grim subject matter, OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD is often funny and joyful, imbued with a firm faith in the power of the human spirit.



David Pasto, Jody McCoy, and Rhonda Clark in OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD


Captain Arthur Phillip

  Norman Fogel
Captain David Collins   Ken Morris
Major Robbie Ross   Richard A. Buswell
Captain Watkin Tench   Mike McNulty
Captain Jemmy Campbell   Ron Allie
Lt. Will Dawes   Randy Bumgarner
2nd Lt. Ralph Clark   David Pasto
Harry Brewer   Allen Brawner
Reverend Johnston   Clarence Cullimore III
Caesar   Raymond Parker
John Wisehammer   Fred Kirkland
John Arscott   Patrick Isaac
Ketch Freeman   James Tyra
Robert Sideway   Ronald T. Roberts
Dabby Bryant   Jody McCoy
Duckling Smith   Kathleen Hope
Meg Long   Doobie Potter
Liz Morden   Mary Freeh
Mary Brenham   Rhonda Clark
Peg Henson   Pamela Fields
Sally Simms   Debbie Segroves


Director   Lyn Adams
Stage Manager   Rosalind Reeder
Asst. Stage Mgr.   Debbie Segroves
Original Music   Steve McLinn,
OJAS Music
Set Design   Phil Reid
Lyn Adams
Construction   Phil Reid
Muzzi Harlen
Billy Adams Reid
Lyn Addams
Lighting Design   Terri Tomola
Costumes   Robert Pittenridge
Mary Freeh
Rhonda Clark
Lyn Adams
Sondra McMillon
Ron Roberts
The Cast
Stone Soup Theatre
Properties   Cast & Crew
Muzzi Harlen
Publicity Photos   Terry Zinn
Sound Operator   Marilyn Ragan
Light Operator   Debbie Segroves


Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op, Geelong, Victoria, Australia - Janet and Bruce Adams - Whit Edwards - University of Central Oklahoma - Ron Martin and Rhonda Clark - Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park - Stone Soup Theatre Company, Norman, OK - Kevin and Mary Carroll - Lois Tyra - Vikki Simer - Janey Crain - Sabolich Prosthetic & Research Center - Bill Etheridge and Juan Alverez.

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