Pack of LiesPack of Lies
By Hugh Whitemore

October 17 - November 8, 1997
Directed by Nick Backes

"If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country." -- E.M. Forster.

Set in a London suburb and based on true events, the play opens as the Jackson family greets their good friends and neighbors, the Krogers. The Jacksons are quickly thrust into the middle of an investigation by the mysterious Stewart, who tells them that the Krogers are Russian spies. Suddenly even innocent actions take on sinister meanings as the family struggles with deception and lies...and choosing between loyalty to their country or to their friends.

PACK OF LIES was the first play presented in the Arena Theatre after CST's move to Stage Center.

Pack of Lies set  
A view of the PACK OF LIES set.


Bob Jackson

James Tyra

Barbara Jackson Linda Parrish
Julie Jackson Nicole Adkins
Helen Kroger Kathleen Hardgrove
Peter Kroger Don Lusk
Stewart Jon Womastek
Thelma Reneé Krapff
Sally Emily Etherton


Director Nick Backes
Stage Manager Phil Carlton
Set Construction Ben Hall
Shane McClure
Light Design Joe Daleo
Costumes Mary Freeh
Props Vivian Moon
Photography Bruce Berman


" addition to the themes of loyalty and deception, I became increasingly preoccupied with the role of the ordinary citizen in our society. Is it ever possible for the average, relatively powerless, man or woman to make anything more than a token stand against officialdom? Is it not potentially risky to allow the state (albeit for well argued reasons) greater moral license than the individual? Or is it, perhaps, naive to expect more than an approximate degree of truthfulness from governments and their spokesmen?"

- Hugh Whitemore




Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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