by William Inge

March 23 - April 14, 2007

Directed by Michael Payne

The Playwright William Inge received numerous awards for this romantic comedy-drama, including the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Set in a small Kansas town, we see two households preparing for the town's annual Labor Day picnic. In one house lives Mrs. Potts who cares for her elderly mother. Next door lives Mrs. Owens, a single mother with two teen-aged daughters, Madge and Millie.

In order to make ends meet, Mrs. Owens takes in women boarders, such as unmarried school teacher Rosemary Sydney. It is the early 1950s, and it seems that there are few options for any of the ladies in their small town. Miss Sydney is desperate for a husband, but both of the teen-aged young ladies yearn for more than a life of staid domesticity.

When Mrs. Potts hires Hal, a handsome drifter, to do odd jobs around her house, he sets all the ladies a-flutter. Hal and Madge, in particular, strike instant romantic sparks. Soon, Madge must decide whether to play it safe with her stable, hometown boyfriend or follow her heart with the dangerously unreliable Hal. Ultimately, playwright Inge depicts the pleasure and pain of risking everything to choose one’s own path in life.

Besides the Pulitzer Prize, William Inge also won the Drama Critics Circle Award, the Outer Critics Circle Award and the Theatre Club Award for PICNIC. Having grown up in Independence, Kansas, he set both BUS STOP and PICNIC in small Kansas towns, while his play THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS is set in a small town near Oklahoma City. Many of his plays became successful films, including PICNIC, BUS STOP, COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA, and THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS. Inge also received the Oscar in 1962 for his original screenplay of SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS.

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Helen Potts   Dolores Dockry
Hal Carter   Scott Venters
Millie Owens   Alixandra Golden
Bomber   Luke Schick
Madge Owens   Dustina "Dusty" Reasons
Flo Owens   Vikki Simer
Rosemary Sydney   Jayme Howell
Alan Seymour   Ace Burke
Irma Kronkite   Anna Holloway
Christine Schoenwalder   Jessica Carabajal
Howard Bevans   Terry Veal


Director   Michael Payne
Costume/Set Design   Corey Martin
Lighting Design   Steven Gillmore
Stage Manager / Light Technician   Bob Cross
Sound Technician   Farah Shaukat
Set Construction   Corey Martin
Rickelle Williams
Sean Lynch
Scenic Painting   Corey Martin
Rickelle Williams
Michael Payne
Greg Eskridge
Rhonda Clark
Properties   Mona Cross
Rhonda Clark
Corey Martin
Backstage Crew   Mona Cross
Rickelle Williams
Properties   Rhonda Clark
Tom Gibson
Running Crew   Roger Oxford
Dressers   Mona Cross
Jessa Schinske
Poster & Ad Design   Jeni White
Website Photos   Rhonda Clark
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton


Jon Womastek - Classen SAS Drama Department

Opening Night Party Sponsor - Bob & Mona Cross
Cast Sponsors - Larry & Leah Westmoreland



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