PROOF logoProof

By David Auburn

January 9-31, 2004

Directed by
Rhonda Clark

Although a brilliant mathematical proof figures in the play PROOF the formula for love and understanding is the hardest thing to calculate in David Auburn’s award-winning drama which continues Carpenter Square Theatre’s 20th Anniversary Season. PROOF plays January 9-31 at Stage Center in downtown Oklahoma City.

At the heart of the play is a father-daughter relationship. When the play opens, we meet Catherine on her 25th birthday. She has given up her own college education in order to care for her professor-father, a genius in mathematics who suffered with mental illness for several years. Now she’s at the crossroads of her haunting past and a blank future.

Corey Whaley, Alison Crane, and Sara Phoenix in PROOF

Foremost in her mind is the fear that she has inherited her father’s mental instability. After all, she inherited his mathematical ability. During this unsettling time, two arrivals shake up her life even further. The first is Hal, a former student of her father’s who comes to the house to catalogue her father’s vast collection of notebooks. A romance between the two quickly ignites.

     Bob Cross and Alison Crane in PROOF    Alison Crane and Corey Whaley in PROOF

The second arrival is her estranged sister Claire who swoops in from Wall Street to tidy up their father’s affairs, and tidy up Catherine’s life. However, Catherine’s biggest challenge begins when Hal uncovers a notebook that contains a major mathematical proof that may or may not have been written by the father.

Alison Crane and Sara Phoenix in PROOF    Corey Whaley and Alison Crane in PROOF

David Auburn traces the genesis of PROOF from two ideas: “I started with the idea of two sisters fighting over something that had been left behind by their father after his death. I also had been toying with the notion of a character whose parent had suffered from mental illness and was becoming concerned that the same thing was happening to her.” While reading several books about science and math, he learned that a number of famous mathematicians had suffered from mental illness and “that gave me the link between my two ideas.” Being a graduate of the University of Chicago, Auburn set the play in Chicago and made the father a professor there.

For his efforts, Mr. Auburn garnered numerous “Best Play” awards including: The Pulitzer Prize, the Tony Award, the Outer Critics Circle Award, the Lucille Lortel Award, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and the Drama League Award.


Bob Cross in PROOF

Alison Crane and Corey Whaley in PROOF


Robert   Bob Cross
Catherine   Alison Crane
Hal   Corey Whaley
Claire   Sara Phoenix


Director   Rhonda Clark
Set Design   Rhonda Clark
Corey Martin
Lighting Design   Steven Gillmore
Costume Design   Corey Martin
Sound Design   Rhonda Clark
Technical Director   Rick Cheek
Stage Manager/
Light Board
  Bob Bates
Sound Operator   Shane Schnetzler
Lighting Assistant   Tori Stahl
Set Construction   Rick Cheek
Corey Martin
Bob Bates
Steven Gillmore
John Brumley
Scenic Painting   Corey Martin
Rhonda Clark
John Brumley
Lyn Bates
Properties   Catherine Pongratz
Dresser   Lyn Bates
Additional Sound   Steven Gillmore
Lance Garrett
Poster Design   Phil Carlton
Poster Photography   Adrian Thompson
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton


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