By Neil Simon

September 10 - October 2, 1999
Directed by Rhonda Clark

Set outside a New York family's vacation home in the Pocono Mountains, this memory play is evoked by Clemma Diggins, their housekeeper. Having died in 1996, Clemma haunts the scene of the family's last days of summer together in the 1950s as workaholic Burt Hines is recovering from a recent heart attack, but is not recovering from his divorce to the now remarried Annie. Soon Simon's trademark jokes start to fly when the weekend is filled by a medley of characters with swift tongues and mismatched intentions.

Clockwise from left: Shane Dodson, Emily Etherton,
Vincent J. Kniffin, Rob Delihant, and Jo Perryman.



Debra Davis and Marcellus Hankins

Vincent J. Kniffin, Shane Dodson,
and Emily Etherton.

Hayley McPheeters, Shane Dodson,
and Wil Rogers

Clemma Diggins

Debra Davis

Burt Hines

Rob Delihant

Josie Hines

Emily Etherton

Ken Norman

Shane Dodson

Ray Dolenz

Wil Rogers

Annie Robbins

Jo Perryman

Vinnie Bavasi

Vincent J. Kniffin


Hayley McPheeters

Lewis Barnett

Marcellus Hankins


Director Rhonda Clark
Set & Lighting Design Tom Harrington
Set Construction Tom Harrington
Melody Harrington
Steve Gilmore
Bob Bates
Kyle Watson
Costume Design & Construction Mary Freeh
Sound Design Rhonda Clark
Joe Daleo
Stage Manager & Light Operator Bob Bates
Sound Operator Cecil Peaden
Running Crew Tom Gibson
Ginger Gibson
Kimberly Moore
Hair Stylist Adrian Thompson
Make-up Landon Crissup


The USAO Theatre Department - Roger Drummond - Glen Potter - Suzanne Charney - Doobie Potter - JoLynne Lair - Jon Womastek - Vikki Simer - Matthew Charnay - Oklahoma Children's Theatre

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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