P.S. Your Cat Is Dead logoP.S. Your Cat Is Dead
by James Kirkwood

Nov. 26 - Dec. 18, 1993
Directed by Kathleen Hope

From the the Pulitzer Prize winning co-author of A CHORUS LINE comes a zany comedy, offbeat and original, searingly touching and disarmingly provocative. It's a play about people coming to grips with themselves, learning about life from each other, and sharing a moment of truth with pain, humor, and hope. Kirkwood's writing is wild, courageous, and gutsy with its caustic wit, zinging one-liners, and most importantly, it's essential good nature.

Memories of the show...
"During the play, Rick's character taunts Vito by snapping Polaroids of him while he's naked and handcuffed - consequently, we ended up with about 30 snapshots of Jimmy's butt! 
- Don Lusk, Sound Operator

"At the intermission, Jimmy was naked and handcuffed to the sink unit, so I had to slip out in the dark to unlock the cuffs so he could get backstage before the lights came up."  - Phil Carlton, Stage Manager




The Cast of P.S. YOUR CAT IS DEAD!

Vito Antonucci

  James Driskill
Jimmy Zoole   Rick Allen Lippert
Kate Hough   Marilyn Ragan
Fred Gable   David Vaughan


Director   Kathleen Hope
Stage Manager   Philip Carlton
Set Design   Kathleen Hope
Joe Daleo
Tech Director   Joe Daleo
Sound Operator   Don Lusk


Randy Bennett - Renee Preftakes - Willmann's Furs - Seabrooks Formal Wear - Vikki Simer - Doobie Potter - Ramses the Cat - Kai Gerkey - Mike Spaller for allowing us to debut his album "Meowy Christmas" by the Jingle Cats.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


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