Rehearsal for Murder
logo_rehearsal_murder.gif (13376 bytes)by D. D. Brookes

February 12 - March 6, 1999
Directed by Betsy Perry Allie

The time: One year after the murder of the leading actress.
The place: The very stage of our theatre.

Everyone involved on that fateful night has returned for the reading of a new play - one designed to trap the murderer! With comedy and intrigue, this thriller will keep you guessing all the way to the final curtain.


Alex Dennison

Don G. Taylor

Ernie Galen Kurth
Sally Bean Melissa Monroe
Monica Welles Karen Magirowsky
Loretta Lisa Banks
Lloyd Andews Rob Delihant
Bella Lamb Nacy West
Karen Daniels Robyn Cannedy
David Matthews Jim Greathouse
Leo Gibbs Craig Rauch
Policewoman Lisa Banks
Policeman Chris Bryant
Man in the Auditorium Chris Crane
Santoro Galen Kurth

The Crew:

Director Betsy Perry Allie
Stage Manager Bob Bates
Asst. Director Lisa Banks
Lighting Design Angela Marks
Sound Design Joe Daleo
Sound Operator Kimberly Moore
Technical Support Tom Gibson
Galen Kurth
Tracy Norsworthy


Special Thanks To:
Daro - Carolyn Williams - Jon Womastek

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company.




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