The Rocky Horror Show
by Richard O'Brien

December 6-28, 1985
Directed by Richard Lemin

The smash-hit cult musical returned to CST for the second time since the theatre's inception the previous year. The fun included Saturday Midnight shows and the ROCKY New Year's Eve.

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"The second production of The Rocky Horror Show was the first show I ever saw at CST. It began my relationship with this theatre that continues to today."

"MOMMIE DEAREST was playing non-stop on cable that year, and the funniest bit I remember from the show was when Frank-N-Furter runs onstage beating Riff-Raff... but instead of a whip, he was brandishing a huge wire coat hanger!"

- Don Lusk, Audience Member then,
CST Webmaster now.



  Dana Shelton
Ralph Hapshatt   Michael Nokes
Betty Munroe   Shauna Lawyer
Brad Majors   David Conley
Janet Weiss   Ava Cordell
Narrator   Trey Shelton
Riff-Raff   Todd Faulkner
Columbia   Rurie Miller
Dr. Frank-N-Furter   Jonathan Beck Reed
Rocky   David Dobson
Eddie   Ben Williams
Dr. Everett Scott   Russell Webster
Transylvanians   Claudia Campbell
Stephanie Johnson
Shauna Lawyer
Eric Z! Nazim
Ellen Ward
Susan Major
Lisa Carrier
Michael Nokes
Lisa Harrod
Mike Samples
Cheryl Varnell
Mary Hunter
David Gray
Michael Allen


Piano   Mariann Searle
Drums   K. Dean Walker
Guitar   Danny Vaughn
Bass Guitar   Louis Pappas
Saxophone   Vince Norman


Director   Richard Lemin
Choreographer   Billie Thrash
Musical Director   Mariann Searle
Costume Design   Shelly Malchak-Walker
Set Construction   Tim Dalton
Cat capps
Stage Manager   Len Slater
Lights    Alondra Butts
Property Mistress   Ben Williams
Make-up   Peter Holmyard
Anna-Liza Holmyard
Hair Stylist   Ron Ferrell
Spotlights   Teresa Matthews
DeAnn Shelton
"Lips"   Signworks
Of Counsel   Kornfeld, Franklin & Phillips
Vicki Tolan - Virginia Norcomb - Ford Audio - Keith Hadlock - Theresa Mason - Oklahoma City Media - Karen de Cordova, Edmond Sun - Sherman-Clay Music - Brian Ellis - The Signworks - OKC Scenic 

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

This production is dedicated "To Absent Friends".


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