Logo - Romance in DRomance in D
by James Sherman

Jan. 10 - Feb. 1, 2003
Directed by
Terry Veal

Playwright James Sherman, dubbed by one critic as Chicago's resident domestic jester, sets up a host of parallels in his buoyant romantic comedy.

The two side-by-side apartments for the set are mirror images of each other and the story itself juxtaposes poetry and music, insecurity and self-confidence, as well as, two sets of parent and child.

Charles and Isabel are middle-aged loners whose single parents are overwhelming forces in their lives. Charles lives alone with his music and books. Isabel, a poet newly separated from her husband, moves in next door and immediately puts her head in the oven. When Charles smells gas and dials 911, he inadvertently saves Isabel's life.

Rose Mary Martinez and Chris Crane in ROMANCE IN D   Suzanne Charney and Charlie Dickerson in ROMANCE IN D

Isabel explains her half-baked suicide attempt with "I just turned 40, and my 50-year-old husband left me for a 20-year-old. You do the math." When Isabel's doting father arrives for a visit, he befriends Charles' mother, a friendship that quickly turns into a love connection. This leaves the door open for the younger couple to make their own connection. All in all, the play is a comic illustration of love's ability to blossom under unlikely circumstances.

Chris Crane and Rose Mary Martinez in ROMANCE IN D 

Chris Crane, Suzanne Charney, Charlie Dickerson, and Rose Mary Martinez in ROMANCE IN D 



Charlie Dickerson in ROMANCE IN D

Chris Crane in ROMANCE IN D

Charles Norton   Chris Crane
Isabel Fox   Rose Mary Martinez
George Fox   Charlie Dickerson
Helen Norton   Suzanne Charney


Director   Terry Veal
Set & Light Design   Steven Gillmore
Costume Design   Corey Martin
Sound Design   Terry Veal
Stage Manager & Light Operator   Bob Bates
Set Construction   Steven Gillmore
Shane Schnetzler
Set Painting   Corey Martin
Terry Veal
Bob Bates
Rhonda Clark
Sound Operator   Emily Etherton
Running Crew   Lyn Bates
Tom Gibson
Genger Gibson
Master Electrician   James Wolff


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