Neil Simon's RUMORS - logoRumors
by Neil Simon

September 4 - 26, 1992
Directed by Rhonda Clark

A comic farce by one of American's leading playwrights, Neil Simon's RUMORS chronicles the 10th wedding anniversary of a high-ranking New York City official and his wife.

The happy occasion soon sours -- the deputy mayor shoots himself in the head, (no need to worry, it's just a flesh wound.), his wife is missing and his lawyer, a guest at the party, decides it's time for a cover-up. More guests arrive and soon nobody can remember who has said what about whom. The cover-up unravels in a storm of slamming doors and hilarity. 



Terry Veal, Kelly Morris, Jane Hall, and Vikki Simer in RUMORS
Terry Veal, Kelly Morris, Jane Hall,
and Vikki Simer in RUMORS


Chris Gorman

  Vikki Simer
Ken Gorman   Nick Backes
Claire Ganz   Kelly Morris
Lenny Ganz   Terry Veal
Ernie Cusak   Ray Paolino
Cookie Cusak   Jane Hall
Glenn Cooper   Richard A. Buswell
Cassie Cooper   Lorien Clemens
Officer Welch   Steve Vann
Officer Pudney   Robin Kemp


Director   Rhonda Clark
Set Design   Steve Estes
Lighting Design   Richard Charnay
Stage Manager   Jason Elliott
Asst. Stage Mgr.   Robin Kemp
Tech Director   Skip Bachman
Costumes   Mary Freeh
Sound Tech   Stephanie Telleen
Running Crew   Fred Kirkland
Patrick Isaac
Set Construction   Steve Estes
Fred Kirkland
Julie M. Brown
Lisa Snyder
Set Painting    Nick Backes
Mary Sine
Rhonda Clark


Ron Martin - Donna & Bill Simer - Linda Steele - Bobbie Walker - Nick & Renee Preftakes - Kenny Walker - Terry O'Neal - David P. Clemens, M.D. - Keith Hadlock, Seabrooks Formal Wear - Kurt Goss, Looks Furniture Leasing and Sales - Calvin Worth, Mathis Brothers Furniture - Lyn Adams, Oklahoma Children's Theatre - Lilli Bassett, Sound Warehouse - Richard Corner, Soundwerks Audio/Visual - Al Griffin and Carol Rodden, Murray Guard, Inc - David Rodden - Norma Helton, Bill's Communications, Inc. - Pons Management Group - Capt. Neil A. Gray, Nichols Hills Police Department - Ron Wilfong - Rothschild's - OU School of Drama - Tony Armstrong, Audio Midwest - J.B. Battle Uniforms - Tuxall Uniform and Equipment, Inc.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


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