Run For Your Wife - logoRun For Your Wife
by Ray Cooney

June 4 - 26, 1993
Directed by Terry Veal

RUN FOR YOUR WIFE is a madcap British farce about a man trying to live two separate lives that all of a sudden become one!




Marilyn Ragan, Doug Bentin, and Lilli Bassett in RUN FOR YOUR WIFE


Mary Smith

  Lilli Bassett
Barbara Smith   Marilyn Ragan
John Smith   Doug Bentin
Det. Sgt. Troughton   Rick Cheek
Stanley Gardner   Lee Payton II
Newspaper Reporter   Kirk Bovee
Det. Sgt. Porterhouse   Jerry Veal
Bobby Franklin   Carter S. Reece


Director   Terry Veal
Stage Manager   Helen Kusek
Asst. Stage Mgr.   Kirk Bovee
Props   Gwen Wurtz
Set Design   Steve Disney
Set Construction   Steve Disney
Helen Kusek
Joe Daleo
The Cast
Lighting Design   Joe Daleo
Light Operator   Stephanie Telleen
Sound Operator   Muzzi Harlen
Costumes   The Cast


Ron Martin - Nick Backes - Kenneth Benton - Kenny Walker - Marilyn Veal - Addie Veal - Cast & Crew - CST Board of Directors - Elaine Warner - Mary Barnes

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


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