logo_ruthless.gif (6865 bytes)Ruthless!

Book and Lyrics by Joel Paley, Music by Marvin Laird.

November 27 - December 19, 1998
Directed by Billie Thrash

Variety says "A wonderful, smart and funny send-up of every Broadway brat from GYPSY to THE BAD SEED...loaded with campy wit and charm."

It's high era Hollywood and delightfully tacky fun.

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Angela Lansdown, Enoch Elms, and Janna Rouse



Sylvia St. Croix

Enoch Elms

Judy Denmark Janna Rouse
Tina Denmark Angela Lansdown
Myrna Thorn Vikki Simer
Louise Lerman Christi Knight
Lita Encore Mary Freeh
Eve Christi Knight
Emily Block Vikki Simer


Piano Dave Hargis
Drums Elyse Angelo


Director & Choreographer Billie Thrash
Musical Director Dave Hargis
Stage Manager Bob Bates
Asst. Stage Mgr. Don Lusk
Costumer Mary Freeh
Wigs/Dresser Adrian Thompson
Set Design & Construction Don Shirey
"Chorus Line" Painting Nick Backes
Light Designer Angela Marks
Light Operator Philip Carlton
Sound Operator Jonathon Brooks
Properties Lyn Bates
Adrian Thompson
Recordings Joe Daleo
Voice-Overs Jon Womastek
Don Lusk
Spotlights Adrian Thompson
Kimberly Moore
Crew Joe Lansdown
Singing Voice of Ruth Delmarco Kendra Campbell

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Vikki Simer as EMILY BLOCK

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Christi Knight and Janna Rouse

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The Cast, Crew, and Band

Mathis Brothers Furniture - Lyric Theatre - The Pollard Theatre - Salon Nirvana - D.j. Royals Maggie Evans - Fred Lindon - Suzanne Charney

Thank you to Joe & Sara Lansdown for helping with anything we needed and for loaning us our "Tina".

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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