SHERLOCK'S LAST CASE logoSherlock's Last Case
by Charles Marowitz

October 6-21, 1989
Directed by Leslie Radford

Picking up where the famous stories ended, the play centers on a death threat against Sherlock Holmes by the supposed son of his late nemesis, Professor Moriarty. Oddly enough, however, Holmes is warned of the plot by Moriarty's daughter, to whom Holmes (who turns out to be quite a ladies man) is strongly attracted. The plot then twists and turns until Holmes finds himself imprisoned in a dank cellar, trapped not by young Moriarty but, to his shocked surprise, by the good Dr. Watson--who, it turns out, has long been bitterly resentful of his second class status as Holmes' lackey.

After Holmes' demise Watson comes into his own, or seems to, until a number of imposters turn up claiming to be the real Sherlock Holmes. In sorting all this out the play mixes humor and suspense in equal amounts, leading to a stunning final twist.

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Dr. Watson

  Chip Chappelle
Sherlock Holmes   Kevin Frye
Mrs. Hudson   Christina Rich
Liza   Sandy Taylor
Inspector Lestrade   Stephen L. Overfield
Holmes Look-alike   Eric Starkey
Damion   Chris Freihofer
Carrier Pigeon   Lucky


Director   Leslie Radford
Asst. Director   Kingsley Adams
Stage Manager   Helen Dutton
Asst. Stage Mgr.   Linda Lagan
Set Designer   Bill Nidiffer
Set Construction Supervisor   Jim Osterlund
Light Designer   Scott Simmons
Light Rigging   Sandy Taylor
Light Board   Allen Bergstrasser
Sound Engineer   Michael Jones
Sound Board   John Hamlin
Props Supervisor   Stephanie Telleen
Ordnance Supervisor   Sandy Taylor
Costume Construction   Karen Doyle
Running Crew   Spud Dutton
Lobby Decor Design   Marge Baysinger
Lobby Decor Crew   Gary Bates
Gary Moore
Mary Barnes
Publicist   Michelle DeLong
Graphics Designer   Len Slater
Photographer   Elaine Warner
CST Board Liaison   Kenny Walker
Bar Manager   Virginia Morozuk


PROPS: Kingsley Adams, Marge Baysinger, Chip Chappelle, Mike Cregan, Helen Dutton, Greg Earls, Bryan Ellis, Jim Morris, Jim Osterlund, Steve Overfield, Don Shirey, Christina Rich, Len Slater, Lisa Slater, Sandy Taylor,
Kenny Walker, Kelly Morris, Jef Fontana

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