Sordid LivesSordid Lives
by Del Shores

June 15 - July 7, 2007

Directed by Robert Matson


Carpenter Square Theatre serves up a heaping helping of Southern-fried comedy with SORDID LIVES by Del Shores. The hilarious exposé of small-town Texas life is full of love, loss, and big hair.

Told in four "chapters," the play begins shortly after the accidental death of town matriarch Peggy Ingram. Poor Peggy breathed her last in a seedy motel where she tripped over her lover’s wooden legs and bashed her head on the motel room sink. Her lover? A married man with children.


Sometimes it takes a death to bring a family together, but not necessarily Peggy’s family. Her tragic death brings out the best, the worst, and the most peculiar in her family and friends. As they try to make funeral arrangements, long-suffering Aunt Sissy tries to keep the peace, but she has picked the wrong day to quit smoking. When Peggy’s two daughters, Latrelle and LaVonda, arrive, they feud over their mother’s mink stole and whether they can bury the truth of their mother’s affair with G.W.


Soon LaVonda joins G.W.'s spurned spouse Noleta to seek revenge on her cheating husband. Fueled by liquor and inspired by the movie characters Thelma and Louise, they head to the local honky-tonk where they use guns and face make-up to terrorize G.W., as well as several of the local barflies.


Above all, the Ingrams must come to terms with two men in their family: Latrelle’s estranged son Ty who has become a soap opera star and is openly gay, and "Brother Boy" Earl, a cross-dresser who has spent over twenty years in a state hospital because of his obsession with dresses, wigs and Tammy Wynette.



Once the audience learns the truth of all of the characters' "sordid lives," the play culminates at Peggy’s funeral with a scene that is by turns poignant and hilarious.



Born in rural Texas, Del Shores became an actor and a writer for theatre and television. During its long Los Angeles run, SORDID LIVES received numerous Critics Choice and DramaLogue Awards. When Shores adapted and directed the play for film (starring Delta Burke, Beau Bridges and Olivia Newton-John), it developed a cult following. The phenomenon began in Palm Springs, where SORDID LIVES played at a movie theatre for two years, with people attending in costume and saying favorite lines, reminiscent of the followers of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Since then, it has become an enormous word-of-mouth hit on DVD. This year, Shores developed a prequel television series of SORDID LIVES which will play on the relatively new Logo network.


Carpenter Square Theatre is supported in part by the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support is provided by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund and Allied Arts. The play is an Allied Arts City Card event.

This show is for mature audiences and contains strong language and adult situations.



Bitsy Mae Harling   Tara Henry
Ty Williamson   Scott Venters
Sissy Hickey   Brenda Williams
Noleta Nethercott   Sue Ellen Reiman
Latrelle Williamson   Elin Bhaird
LaVonda Williamson   Pat Tweed
G. W. Nethercott   Paul James
Wardell "Bubba" Owens   Randy Lunsford
Odell Owens   Ray Prewitt
Juanita   Lana Henson
Dr. Eve Bolinger   Lilli Bassett
Earl "Brother Boy" Ingram   Chris Castleberry
Rev. Barnes   Rodney Brazil


Director   Robert Matson
Set Design   Josh Cain
Costume Design   Danyel Siler
Lighting Design   Steven Gillmore
Stage Manager/Light Technician   Michael Greene
Sound Techs   Kathy Brady
Karola Schwartz
Scenic Painting   Josh Cain
Properties   Rhonda Clark
Josh Cain
Robert Matson
Floor Manager   Rodney Brazil
Running Crew   Jason Moore
Poster & Ad Design   Phil Carlton
Website Photos   Phil Carlton
CST Webmasters   Don Lusk
Phil Carlton


Buster Bassett - Terry Girton - Doobie Potter - Jon Womastek - Joe Daleo

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