Stepping Out - logoStepping Out
by Richard Harris

Nov. 27 - Dec. 19, 1992
Directed by Doug Bentin

Directors Notes:
I am the kind of person who writes down quotations which catch my attention and several of these I keep above my desk where I can see them. On one of those really lousy days when the universe is having its usual brutal way with my, there is one i may read a dozen times. Harlan Ellison said it: "I find myself shrugging and saying (inwardly), well, hell, we've had our shot, now let the cockroaches take a whack at it."

But something always comes along to snap me out of it. The script of STEPPING OUT was one of those things, not because the play is about beautiful people who know how to win in every situation, but because it is an honest portrait of everyday people like me who know how to try - and when they've tried their hardest, how to accept the best they can do as real success.

That's what STEPPING OUT is all about, the fact that sometimes - and perhaps more often than you suspect - you can be the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong colleagues all trying to accomplish something entirely out of your range - and just for a fleeting moment, find glory in the coming together to try.

It's like when that impossible dream puts a chip of wood on its shoulder and says, "You think you can knock it off? Just try."

And you do.

- Doug Bentin, Director


Marty Thompson, Shelby Rothell, Jaymee Phillips, Danny Gibson and Cheryl Varnell in STEPPING OUT
Marty Thompson, Shelby Rothell,
Jaymee Phillips, Danny Gibson and
Cheryl Varnell in STEPPING OUT



  Shelby Rothell
Dorothy   Marilyn Ragan
Mavis   Cheryl Varnell
Mrs. Fraser   Rosemarie Riley
Andy   Susan Gilstrap
Maxine   Lana Henson
Geoffrey   Danny M. Gibson
Vera   Susan Parker
Sylvia   Jaymee Phillips
Rose   Marty Thompson
Understudy   Jo Hunter


Director   Doug Bentin
Stage Manager   Lucy Warner
Choreographer   Hildreth Langoc
Asst. to Choreographer   Dorothy Jones
Tech. Director   Fred Kirkland
Costumes   R. Scott Jeppeson
Costume Asst.   Ilona Rothell
Set Design & Construction   Lucy Warner
Fred Kirkland
Danny M. Gibson
Doug Bentin
Props   Lucy Warner
R. Scott Jeppeson
The Cast
Running Crew   April Buchanan
Dixie Reed
King of the Cowboys   Roy Rogers
Photos/Slides   Elaine Warner


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